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Buy Cheaper Books, Movies and Music Online in Australia

It’s an unfortunate fact that Australians are getting ripped off when it comes to buying movies, books, music, games, computer software and gadgets online, especially from the US. A quick analysis shows that prices are 50% to 60% more affordable than prices paid by the internet users in Australia.

The Price of Entertainment in Australia

Especially when it comes to entertainment, it has become very hard to afford a movie ticket for the family at a good movie theater in Australia. The cost of going to a cinema theater in Australia is almost twice as much as in the USA. On average, an Australian Adult needs $12.89 for a trip to a movie theater, compared to America $7.40 and New Zealand $8.85. (Bureau of Statistics)

This rising prices has moved people’s attention towards another way of entertainment – online movies and music. Unfortunately, geo-restrictions come in the way here as all major entertainment websites like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora are either blocked or expensive for Australians.

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…And, It is Not Just Movies & Music!

Similar trends have been observed for other IT-related commodities, as well. Geo-Restriction has immensely raised the cost of purchase for Australians from US websites. A fair example to quote here is Amazon.

According to an Analyst from ‘idcloak’, “hike in prices of US content to Australia Netizens is as much as fifty percent higher”

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Why is it so Expensive in Australia?

Until now, major internet companies of US like Netflix, Amazon and Apple have limited the access of Australians from rerouting their connections to get better prices. However, if these conditions can be dodged in some way then any term or condition that forces the implication of geo-discrimination will be considered void. This way no firm or company will be able to stop Australians using proxy or VPN to get US prices and save as much as they can.

So, what should Australian internet users do to get the same prices as the rest of the world?

How to Save Money Shopping Online While in Australia?

Save money online in AustraliaThere is a very easy and cost-effective method to get better prices and buy books, movies and music at cheaper prices from the US. Moreover, this method will allow Australians to use their imagination and enjoy as much savings as they want by sourcing directly from the US. This method is called a ‘VPN’ or ‘Virtual Private Network’.

VPN is a highly recommended method for bypassing geo-restrictions. It is like a turbocharged proxy system that helps you to be completely anonymous online.

Once you set up the connection, you can use US services online like Netflix without being blocked or charged at higher Australian Prices. A best VPN service provider offers a vast range of location within US to connect with. Moreover, you can connect to different location for different purposes.

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It is a true fact that Aussies are moving towards home entertainment by watching online movies and online books. To some extent they are paying twice for all that but with VPN they can save 50% of what they are paying. Entertainment is once again affordable for Australians!

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