How to Set Up VPN on Mac

How to Set Up VPN on Mac

vpn on macSetting up VPN on Mac is very simple as you just have to follow simple easy-to-follow installation instructions. Out of anxiety, many Mac and other users are opting for VPN subscriptions for fool-proof online protection. Firstly, let’s discuss about what is Mac briefly. It is a generic name for Apple computers and operating systems used on them. In fact, Apple was the first to introduce graphical user interface in Mac operating systems. Since its launch, many versions of the Mac operating system have come the latest being Mac OS X. Before discussing how to set up VPN on Mac, getting an overview of VPN would be useful.

VPN is an acronym for Virtual private network. It hardly needs to be emphasized that surfing online is not safe as your data and information might be snooped upon. There are numerous tools like proxy servers, IP-hiding software, anti-virus software, etc but none of them is as effective as VPN in offering flawless online security. On subscribing to a VPN account, your system is connected through an encrypted tunnel to a distant server situated in another country. Both the ends of the VPN tunnel are secured by using tunneling protocols like L2PT, PPTP, IPSec, etc. Any information going through the tunnel cannot be accessed by third party.

mac vpn tunnelApart from using the tunneling technologies, VPN subscription would also assign you a new IP address generated from a remote server based in another country. It is done to make you anonymous. As a result, users would be able to browse online anonymously without anyone knowing your real online identity. This feature of VPN is of immense utility for users living in countries where access to Internet remains severely censored by governments. It is instrumental in beating the security loop imposed by local firewalls. Even expats living in foreign countries would find it really useful for accessing Geo-restricted streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu etc. 

Setting Up VPN on Mac

Configuring VPN on Mac sounds as if it might be very technical or stuff but it is nothing like that. For configuring it you will be required to provide essential details like server address of your VPN provider, your account name, password and an authentication certificate, etc. Configuration of VPN on any version of Mac remains more or less same.

Step1: Opening the Apple menu, you would select,” System Preferences” window. Also, you choose this option from the dock. Under Internet and Network, click “Network” icon.

Step2: In this step, a “Network Configuration” window opens and you will move to the left side to reach '+’icon. Click the icon to establish the VPN connection.

Step3: This step would require filling-in of requisite information. Click Interface Menu to fill appropriate details like selecting VPN, VPN type (L2TP/IPSec). Also, provide the name of the VPN vendor after selecting”VPN (L2TP)”. Then, click 'Create'.

Step4: Now, you will be required to provide all the configuration details. In the field,” Server Address”, you would type in server address as also type user ID in the “Account name” field. The details of both are provided by your provider.

Step5: After typing the relevant details, you would click the “Authentication Settings” to reach the authentication window. Next, press the password option and type in your password. Afterwards, you would provide the IPSec Pre shared key given to you by your VPN vendor. Next, click OK.

Step6: Here, you would click the “Advanced” button in the Network configuration window. Move to “Options” tab and select “Send all traffic over VPN connection”. Check “Use verbose logging” option if you need it. Next, click OK.

Step7: Now, click “Apply” button at the bottom right of the window.

Step 8: It is the last step requiring you to click the “connect” to set up VPN on Mac. You can also choose VPN configuration from the VPN menu. After these steps, you will be ready to browse Internet with the security of VPN.

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