UAE VPN Service

UAE VPN Service

Middle East, UAE, and Saudi Arab are the regions where users get restricted Internet access. Many useful web services and popular websites are not accessible in this part of the world. If you are a resident of UAE or planning to visit this region, considering VPN service is the best idea to unlock these services. Let's try to understand how VPN can help you to access government blocked websites and services.

How VPN Bypass Internet Censorship? 
UAE VPN Service

Virtual Private Network offers you a private environment to access any website. When you visit blocked websites through VPN, your traffic communication becomes obscure from authorities, and they are not able to block the traffic. VPN uses secure protocols that establish tunnel connection with the blocked servers and do not get identified by gateways or authorities. The secure VPN protocols are: IP security (IPsec), SSL/TLS, PPTP, L2TP and SSH. By overcoming UAE/Dubai Internet censorship, UAE residents and UAE visitors can enjoy unrestricted web browsing in the most secure way.

Access Geo-blocked Websites 
uae vpn for Geo-blocked Websites

Sometimes websites are blocked from the server end for outside country users. For example, some US TV channels are accessible online for US net users only and not for users browsing from outside USA. Many UAE residents or US people visiting UAE might be interested in watching US TV shows through Internet. Best UAE VPN service paves path for such people to watch Geo-blocked online American TV channels from UAE.

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Change IP Address to Bypass Restrictions


Whenever one goes online, his/her computer system is assigned an IP address by your Internet service provider (ISP). The IP address tells about location, country name and ISP name of the user. While connecting to a blocked website server, the server recognizes that a person from unauthorized location is trying to access the website and blocks your access. Here, VPN helps in getting a different IP address of such a location which is permitted by the website server. Thus, through Best UAE VPN service, one can access Geo-blocked US websites and online TV channels from UAE or Dubai.

Benefits of using VPN for UAE: 
Access skype in UAE

  • With UAE VPN service, users can overcome following restrictions.
  • Use Skype in UAE/Dubai
  • Use VoIP services in UAE to make cheap International calls
  • Access Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Youtube etc.
  • Play online gambling

Dubai VPN Offers Secure Mail Exchange 
Secure email - PureVPN

Using top level security protocols, Dubai VPN encrypts and decrypts your mail messages while mail transfer. This encrypting and decrypting process offer privacy and anonymity to the mail exchange. If any third party or a government authority intercepts your mail messages, they cannot read the messages as they are in encrypted form.




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Data Security & Safe Internet Browsing

Online visitors from Dubai or UAE might need to access valuable information from your office network or you might want to do online shopping or banking transactions. In such scenarios, they must keep credit card details, banking id, password and other valuable information safe from any third party. By using secure VPN for UAE, they can block snoopers and hackers from stealing crucial information and hacking your mail account or PC system. It is also useful for UAE residents and UAE based companies. Through UAE VPN, companies get private environment to exchange company's resources and information across branches of the company located in other parts of the world.

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