Tips for Faster speeds

Tips for Faster speeds

Setting up and getting online on VPN is easy but, when you run into slow speed issues, optimizing for maximum speeds can get a bit tricky. In this tutorial we have tried to make it easier for you to find the issue and then to overcome it. You can follow the tutorial even if you aren't a network geek.

Step By Step Troubleshooting Guide

Note: Most important factor is speed of your own internet connection. Speed you get on VPN is proportional to your base ISP speed/internet connection

Technique No: 1

It could be your DNS issue. Connect VPN and test out speed by visiting following URLs from your browser: (should take to (should take to

If these IP URLs open faster for you than regular URLs e.g that means you need to change your DNS as follows:


Here is a good guide for changing DNS servers on:

Windows7: DNS Changes on Windows7
MAC OS X: DNS Changes on MAC OS X

Technique No: 2

Distance between your location and VPN servers' location. Greater the distance lesser will be the speed. We recommend you use our server locator tool for finding nearest server. You should be disconnected from VPN when using the tool Server Locator Tool.

Technique No: 3

When you have located nearest server and still can't get best speeds, that means you need to use the PingPlotter software to trace out the issue.

Here are "How-To" steps to it:

Note: Make sure you are disconnected from VPN when performing this test

a) Download software here Or look for free version on
b) When you will run the software after installation, it will open up screen like this below image:

c) On top right under "File", "Edit", "Help" options you have a input field "Address to Trace" type here the server that you want to connect e.g. or and hit TRACE at the very left bottom.

Example of Good Route:
All hops are green, so this route is perfect. If your test looks like this you are OK:

Example of Bad Route:
There are a few hops that are red so route will not give good speeds. You cannot do much about it but to switch to the next available server you have:

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are not sure whether your route is good OR if you need assistance in finding best server for your requirement, Submit a Ticket.