Get Complete Control Over Apps With PureVPN's App Blocker

Control Traffic on Your Mobile Devices with PureVPN's Advanced App Blocker

Get Advanced Protection (Beta) 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee

What is App Blocking?

With an app blocker, users can easily limit or block specific applications and software from accessing the internet. In addition, an app blocker is also handy when it comes to:

  • Blocking high-risk apps that compromise your data and privacy.
  • Controlling social applications like YouTube and Facebook and eluding graphic content.
  • Stopping your kids and employees from using specific apps at inappropriate times.
  • Giving you control over installed apps and making sure your device is used the way you want.
Get Advanced Protection (Beta) 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee

How App Blocking Can Help?

Blocking an App

Want to block access to a particular app? Simply select the app you want to block from the app blocker panel and you’re good to go!

Smart App Lock

Lock all the apps on your mobile phone or just selected apps as per you choice to keep users from accessing them.

Family Protection

Once apps are in block mode, they cannot be opened or used, barring your children from any kind of activity that you don’t approve of.

Office Use

PureVPN’s advanced app blocking has been developed keeping small and large businesses in mind, making it perfect for corporate use.

Get Advanced Protection (Beta)
7-Days Money-Back Guarantee

How to Get PureVPN's App Blocker

  1. Visit our order page to sign up for a PureVPN account.
  2. Download and install PureVPN app for your device.
  3. Every subscription plan includes PureVPN’s App Blocker features without any extra cost.


A simple toggle button to get full control over your apps.


Easy Installation Process

Installing PureVPN requires no skill, and doesn’t even take much of your time.


No Hardware Necessary

Advanced features are supported on all platforms and require no additional hardware.

5 Purposes, 1 Intuitive Solution

PureVPN has you covered 360, PERIOD. PureVPN’s intelligent solution caters to 5 different cybersecurity needs, such as Content Filter, IDS and IPS, Web Filter, Anti-Virus and Ad Blocker

Get Advanced Protection (Beta) 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee