10 Dumbest Things People Do in Horror Movies

It’s strange. Nobody likes to be scared but everybody, or almost everybody, likes to watch horror flicks, especially around Halloween. Our guess is that it has to do with the many sensations and the rollercoaster of emotions associated with this particular genre of movies.

No matter how good a horror movie’s storyline and jump-scares are, there are always instances of absolute stupidity, which always leaves us wondering like “Why would you do that!” So here, we have taken the liberty of compiling 10 of the stupidest things that can only happen in a horror movie.

10. Keep Living In a Haunted House

Yes, buying your own home is a dream come true. However, it’s only logical to get the heck out if the house is swarming with vile spirits. Duh. You can also go a step further and set the house on fire. It would be 100% better than being touched by an invisible or horrible-looking creep!

In most horror movies, keeping the family safe seems to be of the least priority, even when the kids are being tossed around the house, possessed. Seriously!

It’s like having a VPN and not connecting it to keep the dangerous spirits (Malware, Viruses, etc.) away.


9. Visiting a Haunted House, INTENTIONALLY!

Well, as reckless as it is, people do this intentionally in horror movies. It’s like they want to get brutally murdered and dismembered. Heck, when we see a haunted house that looks like it was built by the devil himself, our first instinct is to just walk away, without even looking at it directly.

Visiting a haunted house intentionally counts as the same recklessness as connecting to a public Wi-Fi without first connecting a VPN.


8. Not Sticking Together

“Ok, everyone split up!” – Group Genius


Ok, let the dumbness just sink in for a moment. You are in an abandoned house or a dense forest. Note that you shouldn’t be here to begin with. Then one genius decides to explore the place by splitting the group up. Everyone agrees with this not-so-bright idea, leaving the killer ample opportunities to kill everyone one by one.

I don’t need a VPN, they said. I open everything in incognito mode, they said.
We say: ha, ha… you are dead, or worse, hacked!

7. Forgetting How To Run

Forgetting how to run while being chased by a masked monster has to be the worst type of selective amnesia known to mankind. If one thing is for sure, it is they will always trip and fall, on a smooth surface! Seriously, a haunted location is the last place to go for someone who needs coaching on how to run.10 Dumbest things people do in Horror movies

It’s like you love your privacy but don’t use a VPN. Seriously man, you’re trippin!

6. Run Towards A Dark, Shady Alley

Running towards a dark alley to get away from a heinous killer is straight up eleven on a scale of one to ten — ten being brain-dead stupid. First, they forget how to run, and when they do remember, the only place that looks cozy and safe to them is a smelly, dark alley. At the risk of sounding insensitive, this character could have simply forgotten how to run and saved us a good 2 to 3 minutes of uninspired agony.

This reminds us of people opting for a proxy instead of a VPN – completely reckless

5. Hide In the Most Obvious Place

If we were serial killers looking for easy prey, the first place we would check is the closet, which, no prizes for guessing, is also the favorite hiding place of nimrods in a majority of horror movies. It’s like these characters are so fed up with their lives that they don’t want to put any effort into selecting a hard-to-find hiding spot.

Using a free VPN is exactly like hiding in a closet and thinking you are well protected. Recklessness 1 – Common Sense 0.

4. Loudest Person Ever


What do they do after selecting the crappiest place to hide? They turn up their natural volume knobs. This leads to the all-so-very-common scenario of running, tripping, falling, running again, but into a dark alley, and dying.

Even though you have a VPN, you conveniently forget to clear the cookies and cache on your device, leaving these two little jerks screaming for unwanted attention.

3. Believing The Killer is Dead


Right after they deliver a deadly blow to the killer, they sit right next to the killer, reminiscing the good ol’ murdering days. Seriously? This monster was hell-bent on killing you and you don’t even have the common sense to make sure they’re dead, for real! Such occasions call for running like there’s no tomorrow.

Just when you connect a VPN, you have to make sure to check whether your IP has changed or not. Either this or leaving breadcrumbs for creeps to follow.

2. Giving The Benefit Of Doubt to A Crazy Person

“Guy: Um…I think we’re lost.
Girl: Should we call someone? I have my phone.
Creepy dude driving by: Phones are so ‘80s. Let me drive you home.
Guy: Hey he seems trustworthy
Girl: He has a knife. Meh… probably to slice potatoes for some French fries.
*Drives off*”


How reckless do you have to be to ignore all the red flags and giving a stranger the benefit of doubt? Answer, freakishly stupid! An innkeeper keeping dead birds hanging on his office walls should be your first, and only clue to get up, leave, and find a new place to stay. Looking for another room is always better than waking up in a coffin, or not waking up at all.

Guy: This cafe feels nice and safe.
Girl: Yeah, we should use the Wi-Fi here without connecting our VPNs.
Hacker: This is just too damn easy.

1. Saying I’ll Be Right Back


It’s a sure fire way to get killed. And no, you won’t be coming back anytime soon.
This dialogue hits our eardrums in almost every horror flick that we have watched and will watch in the future. The outcome is always the same: lots of screaming followed by merciless killing. It sometimes pays to stay put.

It’s like saying I need to connect to a public Wi-Fi just for a minute. What could go wrong in a minute? Well, your digital avatar will be skinned alive, that’s all.

Closing Credits
We have seen people get hacked, risqué pics getting leaked, financial data being stolen, lives being ruined, and yet, we refuse to learn from these incidents. It’s literally just clicking a button to connect the VPN, and even this proves too much for us to do.

Don’t be reckless like the people in horror movies; be cautious. Always use a VPN!

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