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10 Must-See Memes about Online Security and Privacy

Given the continued intrusions and ever-present threats, online security and privacy is now a major concern of every internet user. Where the rise of internet has bred grave issues, the funny side of the internet has produced numerous hilarious things, the most popular of which is meme.

So, we have taken the liberty to compile some of the greatest memes related to people’s online security and privacy and the best part about these is the fact that every one of us can relate to all or some of these memes. So, let the fun begin!

  1. Never ever think about giving away your personal information out on the internet to anyone unless you are sure that the source is authentic or you want to be a victim of identity theft!


  1. Never do this kind of stuff.



  1. Or this!


  1. This wouldn’t have happened if we all weren’t such click monsters!


  1. So, this is what you are supposed to do with all the suspicious links you come across on emails, social media or anywhere on the internet


  1. Make sure you are not like her


  1. Or be ready for something like this!


  1. This is the biggest headache


  1. This is absolutely true!


  1. But if you still do this, then…


Bonus: This happens when you don’t use a VPN!


You must be laughing right now, but remember, your online privacy and security are not to be taken lightly. Stay safe!

Alex Richardson loves to write about tech gadgets and online security. He aims at making the cyber world secure, one user at a time.

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