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The benefits of migrating to cloud for businesses are plentiful. The cloud can serve users in different ways, like the scaling of IT resources on an as-needed basis and so on. The sky is the limit with the cloud, but there are a lot of people and companies that are still not entirely convinced about it in terms of usability.

The primary reason for reluctance is security, while other concerns include finding the right service provider and the process of moving entire applications to the cloud. Keeping this in mind, it only makes sense to learn more about it, so you are able to separate fact from fiction and understand its true potential.

  1. The Cloud Makes it Easier for Users to Hack One Another

Out of all cloud security myths out there, this one is by far the most absurd. There are those that assume cloud infrastructures to be more vulnerable to attacks when compared to traditional IT infrastructure. Also, since physical resources are shared, people assume it to be a “hacker’s paradise”.

It needs to be kept in mind that there are many layers within a cloud infrastructure i.e. management and hypervisor layer, where customers are separated from one another while a management program keeps everything in check.

  1. There is Zero Control of Data in the Cloud

Another concern that largely affects individuals and businesses is that they will have zero control over their data. This does prove to be a problem, especially for those that do not want their personal and confidential information from being leaked online. However, this should not be a problem if one looks of the best cloud service provider, the kind that is well-known in the industry and is transparent at the same time.

  1. External Threats are More Menacing on the Cloud

External threats have become a menace for all users alike. The threats are real, but they are no greater than those being faced by individuals relying on traditional IT infrastructure. Fortunately, there are several steps that can be taken to prevent such attacks from taking place. Users can make use of firewalls, anti-virus programs, encryption, vulnerability scanning along with thorough management and control to secure themselves and their data on the cloud.

  1. Clouds Offer No Transparency Whatsoever

Another reason for people and businesses not to adopt the cloud has to do with a “supposed” lack of transparency. However, this is a non-issue, especially if a user is working with one of the best cloud services out there.

Reliable providers tend to adopt CTP (Cloud Trust Protocol), a protocol specifically created for users to have more control over their information and confidentiality. Additionally, with greater control over the type of processes being utilized on the cloud of their choosing, it should negate any and all claims regarding the service being non-transparent.

  1. Certifications are Nothing More than a Facade

As far as cloud security myths go, this example perfectly illustrates how people and businesses think and what they understand from the cloud service industry as a whole. What businesses need to understand is that acquired certifications are a sign of compliance.

Compliance in the cloud service industry serves as a good reference point, and allows one to make an informed decision about the cloud service they should opt for in the first place. Now you really need to ask yourself, would you prefer working with a cloud service that complies with all available industry standards, or would you much rather prefer working with one that does the exact opposite?

These myths are a few of many others that tend to prevent individuals and businesses from making a switch to the cloud. In the end, it is solely the business’s own requirements along with their research regarding a cloud services’ compliance and security that will allow them to determine whether a specific service provider is what they need and have been looking for all along.

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