5 Online Privacy Tools to Bypass NSA Spying & Other Threats

Today, it is extremely important for all the internet users to be smart about how they carry out various online activities. The NSA’s PRISM program has eyes on the personal information of internet users whether they are using Facebook, Google, Skype or any other social networking site or a messenger. More and more people are becoming aware of NSA’s spying, which results in users expressing concern about their privacy.

Sarah Reynolds, a famous security critique, tweets about the startling facts brought upon by Snowden.

There are hundreds of Tweets that show the concerns Twitter and other Social Media platform users have about their privacy and security. To be honest, this awareness is good. It is important for everyone to know that their personal data is collected by NSA and your activities are monitored on a regular basis.

This Tweet from Fight for The Future brings attention towards recruitment issues that NSA is facing due to the awareness increase amongst people about NSA’s human right violation acts.

It is your right to take back your online power and freedom so that you can live comfortably in this advanced cyber era. Here are 5 online privacy tools that you should have in order to bypass NSA PRISM surveillance:

1. Chat Anonymously

We all chat on a daily basis using different messengers. While we send and receive private messages we are unaware that each and every chat log is being monitored by the NSA. In order to dodge the NSA, you will need a tool like Cryptocat. This can be easily added to your web browser or iPhone, after which you can safely chat, send receive files etc. however, Cryptocat doesn’t completely anonymize your connection which is why you still need a VPN to mask your IP.

Bob Schubring, a filmmaker and engineer, points out about NSA keeping an eye on what internet users text to each other.

2. Email Anonymously

Today, every internet user’s private information is compromised because everyone uses e-mail. If a hacker gets into your e-mail box, he will have access to all your data that you have saved in your email folders along with the sent, received and draft e-mails. However, if you e-mail anonymously, you can stay secure from every possible threat, including NSA surveillance. Thus you should opt for a privacy-conscious email provider or a browser extension such as Mailvelope or Enigmail. This way you would be able to ensure nobody can track your communications.

3. Send Encrypted Messages and Files Only

Sending and receiving plain texts as well as photos and other content is also not safe from the NSA. If you really don’t want anyone to peek into your personal messages or files, you should send encrypted messages and files only. Wickr is a very useful application when it comes to the encryption of messages and files over Android and iOS devices. You can ensure that your content is passed only on the wire in an encrypted form by acquiring Wickr. This is indeed one of the most useful online privacy tools.

4. Store and Share Files Anonymously

Most of us who are aware of what a cloud storage service is, know what Dropbox is. In fact, Dropbox is considered as the leading cloud storage service in the industry. Dropbox is also user-friendly, which makes it an ideal service. However, not many people know that Dropbox is a ‘targeted wannabe PRISM provider’.

A Tweet posted by Michael Levy, who is a Product Marketing Manager and Competitive Intelligence Analyst.

As Snowden mentioned in one of his statements, Dropbox’s services are potentially compromised and cannot be trusted. This brings us to the conclusion that we need another cloud storage service, which is securer and provides adequate features to everyone. Here, SpiderOak comes to the rescue. Through SpiderOak, you can easily synch your storage across all your devices, privately. Due to its Zero Knowledge policy, team SpiderOak assures it doesn’t have access to the plaintext contents of the store data. If plan to swtich to SpiderOak you need to download all your data and uninstall Dropbox from Windows 10 and all your devices.

5. Use a VPN

Since NSA tracks records of your e-mails, chat (video, voice), photos, videos, stored data, VoIP, file transfers, video conferencing, notifications of target activity, social networking details and more, the best solution to go for is a VPN. There are a number of VPNs in the market that can provide you the features you need to be secure during your online sessions.

However, if you want an all-in-one solution, go for PureVPN. Some of the many features PureVPN offers is complete privacy and anonymity with 80,000+ IPs, 5 multi-logins, high-grade encryption.

Remember, the ultimate goal of NSA is to gain total population control. NSA would invade your privacy to know how you live, what you think, which activities interest you, who you are associated with etc. Don’t let them play with your life; use the online privacy tools discussed above and fight for your online freedom!

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