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7 Signs You Don’t Really Care About Your Privacy and Security on the Web

Our digital privacy and security is always facing all sorts of threats for obvious reasons. Various entities are always struggling to get their hands on your private activities on the web. Then there are others, who try their best to exploit any loophole in your system or device.

So, it has become a necessity to do everything to keep your privacy protected on the web. However, not everybody pays attention to it. Here we have 7 tell-tale signs that are commonly noticeable among those who don’t really care!

1. Sharing Personal Information On Social Media

Social media is our mainstream playground and we all love to post our stuff on social media. However, it is still oblivious to some people that there are some things that should not be posted, EVER! You would never shout out your phone number or social security number in the public, then why share it on social media?

If you share any of your personal information on social media then you are one of those who don’t really care!

2. Using Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Without VPN

Free open Wi-Fi is normally considered a blessing, but all that glitters is not gold. There are hundreds of posts on the internet that warn and educate about how insecure public Wi-Fi hotspots are, and how vulnerable you are on these unsafe free open networks. Still, if you like to use these Wi-Fi hotspots then do it safely by using PureVPN!

If you don’t use a VPN to connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots and surf the web openly on these networks, then we have bad news for you!

3. Not Using Encryption On Messaging Apps

You must have used many messaging apps and Whatsapp might be one of it, which has recently integrated end-to-end encryption. It is sufficient to protect your private messages and conversations from hackers and other entities who like to eavesdrop on your messages. However, there are many popular messaging apps that don’t use encryption and aren’t safe for your conversations.

If you use these unsafe apps and don’t really care about encrypting of your messages, then you don’t also care about your online privacy and security!

4. Sharing Confidential Information On Public Profiles

There are many websites where your profiles are publically accessible. It means when you share something on these websites, anyone on the internet is able to see it. So, it is wise that you only share such things on these websites that needs to be shared. However, there are many genius individuals who openly share confidential information and incidents on these profiles for publicity or any other reason.

If you do the same of these public websites using your profile, then you are one of these geniuses!

5. Using Same Or Similar Passwords For All Accounts

Your password is your first line of defense against any hacker. If anyone gets their hands on your password, then it is most likely that you are not going to be exploited. So, you must always keep your password strong, unique and long. Many of us manage to come up with strong and long passwords, but fail to make it unique, because it is hard to remember. So, they prefer to use the same or similar password for all their accounts, which is extremely dangerous. It means that one wild guess can ruin your digital life!

If you have an easy password or strong but not so unique password, then you are also part of the clan that doesn’t take their privacy and security seriously!

6. Not Setting A Password Or Passcode On Your Smartphone And Other Devices

Most of us keep our personal data and information on our Smartphone or other personal smart device. This personal data is priceless to us, but some of us often ignore to give it appropriate attention and security. Many users do not set a password or passcode to their devices just for convenience, however, their personal data is definitely much more precious than this convenience.

If you don’t have any password or passcode set on your Smartphone and other personal devices, then you need to add your online security in your list of priorities!

7. Opening Every Link Without Checking Whether It Is Reliable Or Not

We all love to click on links, otherwise the ‘click-bait’ scams and spam would have never been a thing. Anyways, there are some people who just can’t ignore any link. They click on every link they see on social media or other websites just to ‘find out more’ or ‘see what happens next’. But, not all links are safe and reliable. It is one way how scammers and hackers victimize you.

If clicking on links is your favorite thing on the web, then get ready to click your way into being hacked!

So, if you display any, few, or all of these signs in your web surfing habits, then it is highly recommended that you should start acting more responsibly on the web. You need to take control of your digital life and you have to keep your privacy protected and yourself secure on the web at all times.

Furqan Tafseer Furqan Tafseer is a tech-enthusiast who keeps an eye on cyber-security and online privacy related issues around the globe. Apart from this, he passionately watches and occasionally writes about sports, especially NBA. He also loves to spend time with his family and enjoy music, when he is not working!

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