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A Real Life Cybercrime Story

Have you ever noticed how cybercrime is dreadfully getting on our nerves? How many second-thoughts have you had before going online and making any transaction? We hear and read new stories every day, telling about the victims of cybercrime, but have we learned our lessons from it. THINK?

Check out a real life cybercrime story and read how small actions can lead you to be a victim of cybercrime. Also learn how to avoid such steps and how to protect yourself from being a victim.

Real life cybercrime story

A Real Life Cybercrime Story

Jenny Watson is a resident of Toronto, Canada. She works at a restaurant and lives with her two kids. She is a single mother and works really hard to provide the best to her kids.

Jenny wanted her kids to get acquainted with the digital world. Therefore, after saving for quite some time, Jenny at last managed to save enough to buy a second hand computer. At first she used it to check her mails and her boys used the computer to play games. Later on, she saw that her mailbox was getting filled up fast with promotional emails. At first she used to click on every promotional email to check the deals. However, later on she found them worthless, so she started to simply leave them unopened.

After nearly a month, Jenny’s computer started to get slower and slower with every passing day. It started to become a hassle for Jenny and her kids to use it. So, Jenny and her kids stopped using it. Since Jenny knew very little about technology, and she certainly was not a tech-geek, she didn’t thought of getting her computer repaired.

During Christmas, she really needed to find the best place from where she could buy gifts for her family and friends at discounted prices. She borrowed her father’s laptop for her search. Later on, she experienced the same problem with the laptop that she already faced with her own computer.

Jenny discussed the issue with her cousin who is studying computer engineering. She told Jenny that the problem was not her; rather, the problem was how to use the internet. She further elaborated the consequences of using internet blindly. She went to Jenny’s place, downloaded a spyware program and instructed Jenny to be extra cautious while clicking on unknown links.

Jenny’s problem of a slow computer has been solved. From that day onwards, Jenny’s computer has become as fast as it was on the first day.

However, Jenny forgot her lesson too quick and one day she got a pop-up on her window, congratulating her for winning a $1000 prize. To claim the prize, it asked Jenny to answer a few questions. She clicked on the link, answered the questions and proceeded further. Later on, she was asked to buy at least two products off the website to claim her reward. She bought the least priced items and entered her credit card details. She waited for hours but didn’t receive any reward in her mailbox. She checked her credit card details and was astonished to see the whole limit had been used up on online purchases.

It took a whole year for Jenny to repay the credit card bills. That day onwards, she started hating the internet and has no connection at her home since then. Her kids use internet at school or library for study purposes.

Jenny had one very bad incident and so does many other people every other day, but the question is, “What went wrong?”

Wrong are the practices people use when they go online without having any security. So, do remember, it’s not you, it’s the way you use the internet!

The only way you can be sure of your online privacy and security of your data is by smartening up, getting educated about various tools that help you become safe and secure on the internet via a real life cybercrime story or news. Never provide your information to an unreliable, unknown and unverified website or individual, don’t take internet security lightly. After all, you wouldn’t want to land up in the same place as Jenny, do you?

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