Necessary Convenience: Add Chrome Shortcut to Desktop Now

Some debates are bound to go on for the foreseeable future. Pepsi vs Coke, Adidas vs Nike, and Google Chrome vs…well, every other browser, really. Thanks to a combination of features, a minimalist interface, and unsurpassed quality of service, Google Chrome enjoys the status of being the most popular web browser out there. Hence, it’s little wonder why so many people don’t know how to add Chrome shortcut to desktop.

The process is fairly simple regardless of whether you have a PC or a Mac. Read on below to easily add Chrome shortcut to desktop without any hassles.

First Things First

You may find this part a bit amusing but you’d be surprised at how many users are unaware that they don’t actually have Chrome installed. Similarly, if you’ve recently reinstalled a new copy of your preferred operating system, you won’t have Chrome on your system as well. However, if you’re completely confident that you do have Google Chrome installed on your device, then, by all means, skip this section. If unsure, continue reading below:

On Windows:

Before you can add Chrome shortcut to desktop, you’ll need to verify whether you have Chrome installed on your device or not. It’s a fairly simple task and should take barely a few seconds to do so.

  •         On the bottom-left corner of the screen, you’ll see a search bar that says “Type here to search”.

  •         In this search bar, type “Google Chrome”.

If you have the app installed on your device, you should see an icon for Chrome appear. If you don’t have it installed, then you won’t see the app’s icon but an inquiry whether you want to search the web.

On Mac:

It’s similarly easy to verify whether you have Chrome installed on your macOS device.

  •         Open “Finder”.

  •         Scroll down to the “Applications” folder on the left-hand side of the window.
  •         Scroll throughout this folder to check whether you have Chrome installed. To expedite the process, I’d suggest using the search bar on the top-right corner of the window and type in Google Chrome.

You should see the Chrome icon if it’s installed on your device. If not, then you’ll see a system could not find the item notification.

Add Chrome Shortcut to desktop on Windows

After you’ve confirmed that you have the app installed on your device, it’s a fairly simple process to add a Chrome shortcut to your desktop.

  •         Go to the desktop and click on the “Windows” icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. I’d recommend closing any other windows beforehand as they may prevent you from adding a new icon to the desktop.

  •         Scroll through the installed applications and find Google Chrome.

  •         Click on it and drag it on to your desktop.
  •         There, it’s that simple. You now have a desktop shortcut for Chrome. For your ease, I’d recommend pinning the icon to your taskbar as well.
  •         To do so, right-click on the Chrome icon and select “Pin to taskbar”.


Add Chrome Shortcut to desktop on Mac

The process is just as straightforward on macOS as well. Once you’re sure that you have Chrome installed on your device, follow these steps:

  •         Go to the desktop and open “Finder”. Make sure no other windows are open as it may cause issues with adding a new icon to the desktop.
  •         Select the “Applications” folder on the left side of the window.

  •         Locate the Google Chrome icon.

  •         Click and drag the icon onto your desktop.
  •         Just like on Windows, you’ll have a Chrome icon on your Mac’s desktop as well. I’d similarly suggest adding the icon to your dock.
  •         Click on the Chrome icon on the desktop and drag it to place it on the dock.


Keep Yourself Safe While Using Chrome

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Yasir Nawaz Yasir enjoys reading and writing about the latest developments in the world of AI and cybersecurity. A firm believer in the right to digital privacy for all, he shares his thoughts on issues both controversial and menial. His other interests include chess, reading, and looking to the horizon in his best Luke Skywalker impression.

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