Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona

Watch Atlético Madrid vs Barcelona Live Online

Atlético Madrid vs. Barcelona
Wanda Metropolitano
Dec 01 , 20:00 GMT

We have compiled a list of channels that will be broadcasting Barcelona vs. Atlético Madrid Copa Del Rey Semi Final live online. If you live in any of these countries but face slow internet issues then you can easily increase their speed using PureVPN.

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Atlético Madrid vs. Barcelona Live Streaming Channels


Broadcasting Country


South Asia
BeIN SportsUSA/Canada/France/UAE/KSA
Sky SportsUK
PPTV (Free)China
C MoreNorway/Sweden

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Atlético Madrid vs. Barcelona Live

Barcelona continue to fight Real Madrid for the leading position in La Liga Santander. Atletico, meanwhile, are hardly as competitive as they were in previous seasons. They haven’t beaten Barcelona yet in Wanda Metropolitiano. But they would be looking to improve that this weekend.

Head to Head Last Three La Liga Results

Barcelona2-1Atletico Madrid
Atletico Madrid2-0Barcelona
Barcelona1-1Atletico Madrid

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