Be a Ghost Hunter and Kill Spying Ghosts this Halloween!

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Look around you! You will see ghosts on the internet, waiting to steal your identity and crush your online privacy. There are Spying Agencies, Government Authorities, Hackers, Identity Thieves, ISPs and Big Corporations making internet scarier. Be a ghost hunter and kill all ghosts this Halloween with PureVPN Halloween bundle offer!


Ghosts Of The Internet and How They Haunt Your Life

Frightening, isn’t it? Like any paranormal activity, these ghosts are unseen but leave drastic impact on your online identity, damaging your online security and crushing your online privacy. Here’s the list:

1. Vampires (NSA Prism Program)

Like a demonic Eyeball, NSA Prism program spies on each individual and keep a record of online activities all the time, sucking out blood from your online privacy.

2. Demons (Government Agencies)

Government Agencies spy on your online activity and threaten you with regulatory policies.

3. Zombies (ISPs)

ISPs are like a Zombie, running to eat brain out of your personal information and sell it to big corporations.

4. Soul Possessors (Hackers and Identity Thieves)

Hackers and Identity Thieves are like soul possessors, waiting to steal your soul and conquer your body.

Time To Become A Ghost Hunter

This Halloween, it’s time to become a Ghost Hunter and kill all online spying ghosts with PureVPN Halloween bundle offer. Remember, it’s a limited time offer and if you don’t avail it right now, you will be haunted by these ghosts and demons till the next Halloween.


Sacred Weapons of PureVPN Halloween Bundle Offer


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How PureVPN Halloween Bundle Offer Helps to Kill the Ghosts?

To make you understand the consequences of these demons, vampires and ghosts, here are some examples. Also learn how PureVPN helps in hunting down these ghosts.

1. Vampires and the Sacred Weapon

You might have seen it in a movie or read it in a story that if a vampire bites you on the neck, you become a vampire. Similarly, NSA is a vampire that is rapidly hiring a dark army by including big corporations like Facebook, WhatsApp, Angry Birds, and giant ISPs like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast to spy on people and collect their personal data. To catch some terrorists, you are not justified to spy on every individual.

How PureVPN Bundle Offer Helps?

PureVPN offers 256-bit high encryption and support military-grade protocols. It’s like making a sacred weapon by combining holy water and garlic together to kill a vampire. But, in case of PureVPN, high-level encryption and military- grade protocols create a secure tunnel that hides users’ online identity and activities from NSA.

2. Demons on the Track

USA Government developed NSA Prism programs, and European Government invested big bucks in GCHQ. Both authorities were programmed to spy on people and keeping records of each and everything they do.

Making it worst, these governmental bodies posed threats to internet users with regulatory policies that abstained them from the right of freedom of speech. It feels like you are imprisoned in the world of the dead, controlled by Demons.

How PureVPN Bundle Offer Helps?

Demons like government authorities track you down via your IP address. PureVPN helps users to remain unseen and untraceable by hiding their IP with one of PureVPN’s IP. With 44,000+ IPs, 400+ Servers in 74+ countries, you have more room to hide.

3. Zombies are coming to eat your Brain

ISPs are like zombies. They seek to get to your brain. How? Well, whenever you come online, some of the information, such as your IP Address, Browser (with version) and your online pattern, is automatically passed on to the ISP.

These ISPs tend collect the information and pass it on to big corporations. These corporations use the information for target advertising.

How PureVPN Bundle Offer Helps?

First, PureVPN offers anonymity and second it helps users to hide their online identity. In addition, PureVPN offers Net Firewall that maintains incoming and outgoing traffic on your system. Thus keeping the unwanted traffic out of the door.

4. Soul Possessors and the Exorcism

Hackers and identity thieves are like Soul Possessors. They are waiting to steal your soul and take control on your body. Especially, identity thieves are always in search of a loophole so they can dig advantages out of it.

How PureVPN Bundle Offer Helps?

PureVPN bundle offer helps users by providing them complete online security via the most innovative technology and giving them protection on ten multiple devices at the same time. This means you can secure your Laptop, iPhone, Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet and gaming console at the same time with one Bundle Offer.

Time To Be Alert

Don’t ignore the presence of these ghosts because you can’t see them. It doesn’t change the reality that your online privacy and online security is highly at risk because of the spying agencies.

PureVPN is always ready to help. Avail PureVPN Halloween bundle offer and kill all the ghosts. Remember, it is a limited time offer so, hurry up!

PureVPN Survival Kit

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