Be Wary of Misspelled Websites like “”

It is not uncommon for us to make mistakes while typing the name of a website. Fortunately, a DNS error comes up if there is an error in the web address of your desired site, especially if the error is in the domain. However, it didn’t happen when a user unknowingly and unintentionally forgot the ‘c’ in ‘’ making it “”.

The DNS resolved successfully, despite the typo, leaving the user clueless about what transpired, as he or she was unaware about the mistake made. Oblivious to anything fishy, the user continued on, only to download a ransonware on his or her device. This new trick by hackers was brought into the spotlight by Endgame. To sum up this clever manipulation, OM is actually internet lingo for Oman and .om domains are mainly used by Oman’s local websites. However, hackers are using it for tricking common netizens.

What happens when user enters into ‘’?

In order to trick users into downloading malware or ransomware, it is necessary for hackers to make users download something on their PCs or devices. Similarly, when a user enters this shady website, he or she is automatically redirected to a page, where a popup message to update their flash player welcomes them. It is a very smart move by hackers, since users will actually believe that a new version of flash player has been released and they need to update theirs.

Upon clicking the prompted link, a file starts to download and automatically installs itself. However, it is certainly not an update to the flash player. According to Kaspersky Lab, that fake “Flash Updater” download actually carries Genieo, a payload, most of the times. This payload automatically installs an extension to your internet browsers to trigger different pop-ups and other annoying entities.

However, it can also contain a malware or ransomware that can steal your data or lock it down, until you pay a ransom fee to access your own data or files on the affected system. So, it is definitely malicious and a grave threat for users.

How users can avoid being victims?

There are several ways to identify if the website you entered is valid or not. Almost everyone knows how Netflix actually looks like. So, if you mistakenly enter and the site redirects you to a page where it prompts you to download flash player or any other file, then never click on the message or download any file. Check the web address first and you will see a suspicious link in your browser’s address bar. is not the only domain that is bought and run by hackers. So, even if the site resembles the actual site or any other sketchy webpage, do not click on any link or download anything. Check the web address again, and you will easily identify that it is a trap.

Some other .om sites that seem sketchy

There are a few more .om websites that were found to be sketchy. There might be more, but the ones we found so far are:

So, we recommend that you stay away from all these sites, and if you accidently open any of these, do not download any file at all. Stay safe & start watching the best tv shows & movies on Netflix now!

Furqan Tafseer is a tech-enthusiast who keeps an eye on cyber-security and online privacy related issues around the globe. Apart from this, he passionately watches and occasionally writes about sports, especially NBA. He also loves to spend time with his family and enjoy music, when he is not working!

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