Surveillance in Australia is No Longer a Problem for Aussies

Australian internet users have long been spied upon. It is an open secret. While this may not be news to most people, what will alarm them though is that the surveillance is being done by multiple agencies and authorities, sometimes from spying agencies of foreign governments.

Keeping in mind that employees of these agencies have been ‘exposed’ of sharing private pictures of ordinary internet users among their circles, it is a dire cyber security situation for Aussies, indeed.

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Who is Doing All This Australian Surveillance?



Australian Government

They may tell you that they are keeping an eye on you to keep you secure from cyber threats and terrorism attacks but the facts remain the same: Australian government spies on its internet users.

Access to private data has immensely increased by the law enforcement and government agencies in Australia. Whatever you do on the internet, it is being monitored and logged on a regular basis; and yeah, all of that happens without a warrant.

US Government/ NSA

Australia is part of the Five Eyes countries that forms the core of the United States government’s omnipresent and uncalled for global spying program. In fact, the US spies upon several countries for various purposes.

The Surveillance in Australia is done through the NSA, which is a US intelligence agency accountable for worldwide monitoring, collection, decoding, translation and analysis of foreign information and data.


Your internet providers are also spying on you. They keep a track of your activities for different purposes. They will only tell you that they monitor your activities to make their services better but there is more to that. Various ISPs provide your logs to different marketing companies so they can learn about user behaviours as well as to use your contact information to pitch a product or service to you.

Some ISPs also provide confidential data to surveillance agencies on demand, usually in return of money.

Different Companies and Organizations

As mentioned above, various companies and organizations reach out to ISPs for user data. Whether it is a user’s conversations, secrets, relationships, chats, buying behaviour, websites visited, videos watches or anything else, if it is on the internet, it will be acquired by the advertisers and copyright owners for professional benefits.

It is also important to mention here that several employees use user data for personal entertainment and gains, as well. This is not just the case in Australia but UK ISPs have been seriously blamed for spying and collaborating on government surveillance as well.


Spying Methods Used For Intelligence Gathering & Storage

There are several methods that are used by spying authorities. Some of the major ways of spying include internet, CCTV, private databases and mobile phones. Through these means, user’s data, activity logs and various other details can be acquired by the one who is spying.

WiFi hotspots are also a very common target for spies as countless people use unidentified WiFi hotspots on a day to day basis just to check their e-mails and social account notifications.

How to Combat Internet Surveillance in Australia?

Australian users can prevent online surveillance by using the following security tools:


Through encryption, you can secure your data from being tracked or hacked. When PureVPN is connected, it creates a tunnel around user’s internet connection through which their data travels in an encrypted manner.

Encrypted data, especially if encrypted through PureVPN’s 256-bit algorithm, takes hundreds of years decrypt and the spies will eventually have to give up spying on you.


When a user goes online through PureVPN, they connect to the internet through a random, foreign IP. This makes them anonymous thus invisible to the spies.

Foreign IPs also allow Australian users to access geo-restricted content while being anonymous. In other words, by using anonymous IPs via PureVPN, you get a virtual invisibility cloak. How cool is that?

Secure WiFi Hotspots

If you get excited when finding a non-password-protected WiFi hotspot in a café, club or any other public place, you are not the only one. However, you are also a part of the big chunk of people who fall victim to Surveillance in Australia via WiFi hotspots.

These unsecured networks are absolute favourites of hackers to spy on you and steal your private data. If you don’t have PureVPN’s Wi-Fi protection, it is strongly advised that you don’t connect to such Wi-Fi hotspots.

Final Words

Being an Australian, you are about 26 times more prone to be spied upon than users in other countries. Remember, you have an equal right to freedom, not only from foreign surveillance but also Australian surveillance.

PureVPN provides you just the freedom you deserve by making you anonymous, secure and restriction-free on the internet. So, get a PureVPN account and reclaim your right to be free on the internet.


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