Beefing Up Your Webcam Security against Hackers

Webcams are powerful tools for online hangouts. You use them to virtually meet your friends and family, say hi to your office buddies and even connect remotely to your boss. In other words, webcams feature private, personal and intimate talks. But did you ever thought about your webcam security? A hacker who gains access to your webcam will have the ability to turn it on remotely or monitor your webcam conversations. Along with receiving inputs from the microphone as well, the hacker will get a front row seat…to your life!

How Hackers Play With Webcam?

A webcam hacker makes use of a category of computer software known as RAT (or remote access tool). This software is typically used by tech-support of large organizations to virtually troubleshoot their user systems and install or modify certain applications. Most operating systems support Remote Access Tools for business-purpose consumers. Once allowed to access a computer, however, a RAT acts as a virtual bridge that can access the entire computer’s resources, including webcam, speakers, microphones and memory.

 Hackers take advantage of this technology and lure you to install and activate remote access software onto your computer, most commonly through malware and infected files from the internet. Once in, he can view whatever you are doing while your computer is turned on. This implies that a compromised webcam security is the key to seeing all of your private life and computer files.

Like the hacked story of Miss Teen USA winner Cassidy Wolf, you won’t even notice your webcam turned on when you’re being spied while a webcam hacker peeks into your bedroom. Just imagine the horror of your bedroom photos leaked, or worse, what about you bullied over for your nail-biting video caught in the webcam? Hundreds of teens suffer daily and share their stories on hack forums seeking help. Don’t become another statistic by compromising on your webcam security.

Can You Control Your Webcam?

Yes you can. By exercising a little vigilance and maturity about webcam security, you can bar hackers from peeking into your screens. Here are some useful tips on how to go about ensuring webcam security for you:

Be Aware of Free Giveaways and Offers

To do their job, hackers pose as one of the greatest online philanthropists. They disguise themselves into free givers of music, wallpapers, movies and other handy stuff by asking you to click RAT infected links, pictures, or email attachments. Without you even knowing, that malware automatically gets installed on your computer and activates your webcam, allowing full access to the webcam hacker to view your conversations or just turn it on randomly to check what you look like when surfing the web at night in your room!

Get an Antivirus

Fully functional and updated antivirus software provides minimum security against any webcam hacker. It helps prevents auto-installation of malwares like RAT and is perfect webcam security against hackers. You must also enable all firewall settings on your antivirus program so that all data traffic via internet is monitored by your antivirus.

Double Check Tech Support Remote Assistance

Computer and software users are often offered help from technical support departments of their vendors. It may be one of the webcam hackers offering help if you are receiving it on telephone or email. Be cautious; double check that it is actually the support department or you will be fooled to install RAT by one of the thieves out there.

Secure Your Wireless Connection

Most commonly, a webcam hacker will make use of open access public WiFi hotspots top carry out his task. These places are mostly targeted because of their lack of passwords and encryption measures. You must avoid the use of internet from such insecure connections if you do not use a VPN. Also, secure all your WiFi routers with a strong and complex password.

Get a VPN

VPN, or virtual private network, is a data tunneling and encryption software which makes it virtually impossible for hackers to get through your webcam. A VPN also hides your real IP so that it becomes impossible for a hacker to determine your location and identity over the internet. By installing a VPN Service, you bulletproof your webcam security against hackers.


If there is opportunity, a webcam hacker won’t even spare insecure baby monitors. You can prevent your webcam from being snooped via RAT through the use of strict privacy protocols, secure WiFi, antivirus and a VPN. Using these tools, you never spare a chance for a webcam hack attack taking away your private life.

Secure Your Webcam

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