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Best Emmy-Nominated TV Shows That Are Absolutely Binge-Worthy

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Online streaming services and traditional TV channels are always competing to take as many Emmys home as possible.

Nonetheless, the 72nd Emmy Awards nominations are finally out. As a result, it has brought us the perfect opportunity to comb the list and find some binge-worthy shows.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to skim the 77-page nomination list to find the best shows, because we’ve already gone through it for you.

Must-Watch Emmy-Nominated TV Shows


Available on: HBO

Nominated for the Best Lead Actress in a TV Show, Euphoria has received only a single Emmy Nomination. Even though the extremely promising storyline of high school kids dealing with sex and drugs, the show failed to grasp much attention off the audience. So far, only 1 season has been released and it is not a bad watch.

The Crown (Emmy Winner)

Available on: Netflix

If you are fan of biographies, you would love The Crown. This Netflix Original is not only inspired from the real life of Queen Elizabeth II, but is also historically as well as factually accurate. The TV Show has released 4 seasons so far. Season 5 has already been announced for some time around late 2021 and fans just cannot wait any longer. This amazing TV show that has been loved by all has been nominated for 3 Emmy Awards including Outstanding Drama Series and Best Lead Actress.

The Handmaid’s Tale (Emmy Winner)

Available on: Hulu

The Handmaid’s tale is one of the most famous works by Hulu, portraying a dystopian society that has been cursed with infertility and brutal laws. Offred, is a fighter who will do what it takes to rescue her daughter and escape beyond the boundaries of Gilead.

Three seasons have been released so far, each having higher than before ratings. The Handmaid’s Tale has been nominated for 3 Emmy Awards, including the one for Outstanding Drama Series and Best Supporting Actor and Actress. Season 4 will be released sometime around June 2021.

Killing Eve

Available on: BBC iPlayer

A strange affection between a serial killer and the police officer hunting her down, leads on to a mystic relationship that compels both to go astray from their purpose. The show has been widely appraised around the world, and has been nominated for multiple awards.

Lately, it has received 4 Emmy Nominations for Outstanding Drama Series, Best Lead Actress, and Best Supporting Actress. Killing Eve has released 3 Seasons so far. Season 4 is scheduled to air sometime around April 2021.

The Mandalorian

Available on: Disney Plus

General audience believes that the First Season of Mandalorian was much better than the second. This explains why it manages to get only one Emmy Nomination this year. Based on weak demand, there are a few chances that this show will get cancelled. However, Disney is yet to release an official statement on the subject matter.

Stranger Things

Available on: Netflix

If you are into Sci-fi, chances are you are already a fan of Stranger Things. This Netflix Original is unique and one-of-a-kind, and has been getting nomination and awards in the past years. This year is no different; the recently released season 3 was widely liked by people around the world. It was no surprise to see Stranger Things bag a few nominations for itself. Season 4 for Stranger Things has already been announced and is expected to air sometime around August 2021.


Available on: HBO

The Logan Family needs to take over the media empire that Mr. Logan has built over time. However, neither off his heirs are totally ready for it. Even though each of them have strength of their own, they are all ruled by competition, and at times hate.

The TV show received 7 Emmy Nominations for 2020 for its second season released this year. Season 3 of Succession is expected to air sometime around August 2021.

The Good Place (Emmy Winner)

Available on: NBC, Netflix

Caught in the confusion if she is in heaven or hell, Ellanor is convinced that she did not lead a pious life. However, she has mysteriously ended up in heaven due to some mistake by the staff off the afterlife. The TV Show is full of humor and interesting moments that will keep you hooked on. Season 4 was released early this year, and has received 4 Emmy Nominations including the one for Outstanding Comedy Series and Best Lead Actor.

Insecure (Emmy Winner)

Available on: HBO

Insecure managed to secure 3 Emmy Nominations, amazing people around the world with its indie-themed story line featuring two young black women. This year, Insecure released its 4th season which has received 3 Emmy nominations.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Emmy Winner)

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Mrs. Maisel is living the perfect life when she discovers her hidden talent of standup comedy. Giving in to her passion, she embarks on a new journey that is yet to teach her new life lessons and experiences. With 3 seasons released so far, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel managed to score 6 Emmy Nominations this year. Upcoming season 4 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is expected to air in December 2020.

This Is Us (NBC)

Available on: NBC

Pregnant with triplets, the mother gave birth to 3 very unique babies, Kevin, Kate, and Randall. It’s a story full of pure love and emotions, and will keep warming your heart. 4 seasons have been released so far, and a 5th instalment in the franchise is all ready to air in November 2020.

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video

Final Word

You can enjoy all the listed Emmy-nominated shows from anywhere in the world. Yes, even those shows that are owned by geo-limited streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video.

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