Best Encryption Software to Protect your Online Data

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Online SecurityBest Encryption Software to Protect your Online Data

What will be our next security challenge in the coming decades? Without the shadow of any doubt, it will be the confidentiality and integrity of our online data. But that begs the question of how, and the answer is ENCRYPTION!

Security breaches are no longer considered a rarity, we read about one almost every couple of days. Businesses and corporations, such as big-utility stores, banks, insurance companies, and online retailers store sensitive and highly confidential information of their users’ and that information appeal to hackers. These businesses and corporations hold millions and millions of credit and debit card numbers, social security numbers and much more, hence they become automatic targets for hacking attacks.

Third-party agencies are far worse than hackers; they don’t steal your money, but they want to know each and everything about you. They keep spying on you, every second of every day. Keeping your personal data safe doesn’t have to be difficult — as long as you keep the sensitive stuff encrypted and under your control.

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Today, we will look at the 3 encryption tools that you can use to encrypt your data on your device and on the internet, so only you can have the key to it.

3 Best Tools for Encryption

Most encryption software lets you gather your encrypted files in one protected place, whether it’s a locker, library or vault. The best encryption software gives you multiple ways to protect your files and information without compromising the performance of your device or your internet connection’s speed.

So, here goes the list:

Best Encryption Tool for a Secured Digital Life

PureVPN is able to spread across the normal Internet space, using its resources to create an encrypted channel that can keep your communications safe from being intercepted. If you use any encryption tool that only protects your hard drive or particular files, it means your data transmitting over the internet is totally unsafe.

VPN, especially PureVPN, encrypts all your data from end-to-end; all files are safe and secure. There’s no way any third-party agency or hacker can intrude on your communications.

PureVPN stands as the champion in the VPN industry, thanks to its feature-enriched services. It offers 256-bit AES encryption and safely routes your data through a secure tunnel established by the latest security protocols. You cannot get the best combination of unbreakable encryption, performance, and speed anywhere than PureVPN.

Best Encryption Tool for Your Hard Drive

BitLocker is a full-disk encryption tool incorporated in the latest Windows operating systems, which supports AES (128 and 256-bit) encryption and it’s mainly used to encrypt the entire hard disk.  We recommend this tool because it is easy to use and it is already accessible to many people that use the Windows Operating System.

BitLocker Drive Encryption is a tool we can use to prevent access breaches to any file from our hard disks. This tool is only available for Windows, XP Vista, 7 & 8. It only encrypts your hard drive and not your online activities.

Best Tool to Encrypt Folders on Your Desktop

There are many users that don’t want to encrypt the entire hard disk, but only files and documents that contain valuable data or information that needs to be sent over the Internet.

7Zip is a powerful and lightweight solution that is great for its simplicity. As many users noticed, 7Zip is capable of extracting most archives, the program is easy to use for encrypting your own files and it uses one of the best compression formats.

This tool is available for Windows and Linux only. 7Zip does not encrypt your internet traffic. But you can use the same tool to encrypt a file that you wish to send via email.

If you think all the apps and websites you use on a daily basis are safe and secure, then you are sadly mistaken. Only websites that employ SSL certifications are secure. Most apps have also shifted to end-to-end encryption like “Whatsapp” and “Viber”.

So, encrypt your data with PureVPN and give yourself complete peace of mind.

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