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Hotspot VPN emergence is at its peak, growing awareness among Wi-Fi users, especially those found in your favorite Coffee Shop, Café, Restaurant, Hotel rooms and Airport, just how unsafe it is to connect to a Hotspot. Wi-Fi and public network has become the dark rooms where most online attacks took place. Unaware and unprotected people end up losing their online identity and confidential information.

As a matter of fact, still the easiest and free available source for wiretap internet connection is to do so through Wi-Fi and Public Hotspots. Many individuals presume that they are immune of cyber crimes as they don’t have a tag of “Big Boys” with them. Thus, nothing to lose online, but they do have their individuality and online presence which is at high risk.

Corporate and Small Business does realize the same threat of online snoopers has reached at their door steps. A small leak of confidential information can dig the grave and buried the business under beneath the earth.

Most recent data reveal that 600,000 Facebook profiles were being hacked, 1.8 Million online attacks on account of both Corporate and Individual has been reported, $ 1.2 Million is reported as unrecoverable funds robbed online. Each and every one of us is facing the same threat. Sooner or later we might become a victim, if we didn’t start to think about the ways to kill the maniac. And it is truly said,

“Precaution is better than prevention”

Black Spell of Wi-Fi Hotspot

When you connected to a Hotspot, whatever you do either send or receive messages, all is rooted in plain text which can easily decipher by Hackers. While doing anything on Hotspot, do remember there are bad people who can read every word you write. Would you prefer to tell your secret to a complete stranger? Sure you don’t want to.

Similarly add-ons on Firefox are packet snoopers; even a layman with no hacking skills can translate the message by unencrypted cookies. The problem gets worst with “Evil Twins Hotspot”. Hackers and like, only work at unsecured Hotspot and unprotected websites. Most favorites of eavesdroppers are POP3, email and FTP connections. What these cyber criminals do, they set up fake mobile Hotspot of their own, let say “Free Airport Wi-Fi Hotspot” and sniffed the valuables of people online including their pass codes, credit card information, bank account details, professional profiles, corporate information and much more.

VPN Hotspot

Hotspot VPN, Trusted Partner to Secure Wi-Fi Hotspot

A Hotspot VPN first provides you the ability to hide your IP behind one of its provided one, with this functionality; your IP will be hiding behind, leaving no track of your online footprints. This also makes your online presence secure by enabling invisibility around it.

Secondly, a hotspot VPN constructs a connecting secure bridge between user devices and the VPN server by using secure protocols, every bit of your online information is then encrypted with high level encryption. This encrypted data traveled through secure tunnels which does not allow any outside intrusion or unencrypted information to get in. In this way, your online data remain secure during the whole journey from your device to the designated website in both directions.

Benefits and Advantages of Hotspot VPN

Hotspot VPN is the best way to accomplish a lot of great things apart from making sure that your secrets stay your own. Hotspot VPN to some extent protects your device from thwarting malware and spam attacks.

In simple words, Hotspot VPN makes you tension free, with full of enjoyment and fun of Audio and Video access from around the world. No restrictions can hinder your sweet internet access. Your world has extended and become limitless with Hotspot VPN while on the other hand protects your online presence all the time.


It’s highly recommended to use Hotspot VPN before connecting to any open network. It is highly unsecure if you don’t do so. It’s only a best Hotspot VPN service that can protect your online individuality by encrypting tunnels.

Other concerns that might make you think which VPN is the best Hotspot VPN service. There are other factors that count a lot while selecting a best Hotspot VPN like dedicated anonymity, speed, reliability, affordability, bandwidth and others. If you like to see all features coming in one single VPN package then don’t forget to check PureVPN website right away! Best recommendation of many affiliates.

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