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This is Spartaaaa!!! – 300

This is perhaps one of the most iconic scenes from modern Hollywood movies. The scene features King Leonidas kicking Xerxex’s emissary and his cronies into a large-than-life pit because of his lack of respect for Sparta and its people.

Are You Scared? – A Walk to Remember

While the entire movie has elements of love, romance, happiness and despair, this particular scene captures the spirit of the movie in its most purest form. That’s why it didn’t come as a surprise when people voted this scene as one of the best movie scenes ever!

Joker’s Intro – The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger and his memorable, unforgettable role in The Dark Knight has earned him accolades from even the most snub-nosed movie critics – and why wouldn’t they? Heath pulled off one of the best performances of his life with the very last role he was to play in his life. And what could be a more befitting tribute to him than the introduction scene of The Joker!

The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled – The Usual Suspects

The reveal of Keyser Soze is one that causes you to feel astonished and then, a moment later, very dumb. The drop of the coffee cup just drives the point home. As it tumbles to earth and shatters, so does our understanding of the movie. Keyser Soze fooled us all.

No Man’s Land – Wonder Woman

It was such a pivotal moment in the movie and represented Wonder Woman as the hero she was meant to be. It gives me chills every time I watched it.

I Ate His Liver – The Silence of the Lambs

In this scene, Starling gets a little confident, however, and Lecter must remind her of an important fact: She’s dealing with a monster.

The Box – Se7en

We know something isn’t right. John Doe is painting his masterpiece of Biblical vengeance, and  he needs his climactic scene. His plan comes to its gruesome and perfect conclusion there in the desert with the helicopters screaming overhead, and we are helpless to watch as it all goes down.

I Drink Your Milkshake! – There Will Be Blood

The climactic scene of There Will Be Blood brings together Daniel Plainview and Eli Sunday for a final clash. Plainview is old, alone, broken and Sunday remains the one man on earth he hasn’t conquered. When Sunday shows up, broke and desperate, Plainview is not human enough to merely gloat. No, he must seal his damnation. He takes Sunday’s milkshake. He drinks it up.

Elevator – The Departed

So unexpected. The whole thing is filled with 50 different twists.

Group Therapy – The Breakfast Club

Everyone bared their souls and were able to see that they really weren’t that different from each other. It also made it okay to talk about serious issues, like Brian’s contemplation with suicide, and they took something dark and were able to bring humor to it.

The Jew Hunter –  Inglourious Basterds

The first scene of this movie, when Hans Landa visits the French farmer, is incredible. You can feel the suspense radiating from every single detail, from the way Hans talks, to the cigarettes being lit. So brilliant.

Erik Killmonger’s Death Scene – Black Panther

Many have noted that Killmonger doesn’t completely qualify as a “villain.” That’s because there’s so much righteous fire to his master plan to use Wakanda’s Vibranium to arm his brothers and sisters around the world. When T’Challa finally kills him, it’s less a triumph than a sobering — and moving — fall.

The Live Aid Concert – Bohemian Rhapsody

Whatever your feelings about Bryan Singer’s biopic (many adore it; some, like me, think it should have been better), there can be no doubt that it saves the best for last: a recreation of Queen’s tour de force 1985 performance at Wembley Stadium that the movie elatingly reconfigures as Freddie Mercury’s redemption.

Shallow Performance – A Star Is Born

When Jackson invites Ally on-stage to perform a song she’s written, the two don’t just sing together. They merge, in a scene so romantically transporting it creates a tingle of ecstasy that ripples right through your heart.

Beach Hug –  Roma

Alfonso Cuarón’s celebrated drama is not a movie of hugs, yet it has a single sublime one, rooted in the family rebirth that happens after Cleo, the devoted housekeeper, fishes several of the children in her care out of the ocean waves. In a film of indelible images, this is the most memorable: a wistful domestic Pièta.

Starr Carter’s Speech – The Hate U Give

At a mass gathering to protest the police-shooting death of her friend Khalil, Starr finally touches the core of her rage and despair, getting up on a car to exhort the crowd. We’ve seen these sorts of grabbing-the-bullhorn scenes before, but Starr’s transformation is so moving because it’s so layered, the resolution of a war within herself.

The Gift Humiliation – Eighth Grade

When 13-year-old Kayla gets invited to a cool kids’ pool party, it’s a sign that she’s broken into the top tier of middle-school society. But when the snob-queen birthday girl opens her presents, one by one, and treats Kayla’s — the sort of nerd’s box game you can play on a rainy day — as if it were a toxic object, the humiliation is soul-deep. The scene is lacerating, but it’s also triumphantly and hilariously ironic, since it’s the trivialization of exactly that sort of analog kids’ game that threatens to hobble a generation addicted to the hidden detachment of digital connection.

Nobody likes bad acting or clichéd scenes. Movie fanatics want to experience the best of acting from their favorite or even not-so-favorite actors in scenes that can become unforgettable movie scenes. Hollywood movies have given us many unforgettable movie moments but we made a list of best of the best scenes after asking movie fanatics to vote for their favorite scenes from movies. Let us know which of these scenes you love the most in the comments section below.

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