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Best Movies to Watch on Netflix Australia

The popularity of Netflix is growing rapidly in Australia. It has forced them to enhance the Netflix Australia library. Although smaller than the Netflix US, Australian Netflix catalogue has some exclusive titles that are not easily available in other major libraries. We have picked some of them for you to watch.

If you are unable to watch the below movies, scroll down and find the way to access Australian Netflix Library from anywhere outside Australia.


Zombieland is a horror zombie film premiered in 2009 in United States by Columbia Pictures. The film is directed by Ruben Fleischer and written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. The Cast include Woody Harrelson Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin who are the survivors of a apocalypse by zombie. Zombieland achieved a new success record by grossing $60.8 million in just 17 days after its release beating Dawn of the Dead film and is being called as best blockbuster movie in United States under its genre. The film is about a geeky college kid who made his way to a sanctuary free from zombies along with three strangers across south western border of United States.

La La Land

The La La Land is a Romantic American comedy musical film directed by Damien Chazelle. The movie features Ryan Gosling as a pianist and Emma Stone as an aspiring actress who strive to pursue her dream in Los Angeles. While in the pursuit, she met Sebastian Wilder and she began to fall in love with a musician. La la Land broke many records on box office and won seven awards at the 74th Golden Globes. The movie also received 11 nominations at the 70th British Academy Film Awards where it won five awards including best film of the year. The film with a production budget of $30 million, grossed over $446 million worldwide.


Arrival is an American science fiction film written by Eric Heisserer and directed by Denis Villeneuve. The film is inspired by a short story “Story of your life” by Ted Chiang. The film is about a linguist is recruited by the military to assist in translating alien communications. The film premiered at Venice Film Festival in 2016 and was released in United States by Paramount Pictures same year. The main cast includes Amy Adams , Jeremy Renner and Michael Stuhlbarg. The movie grossed $203 million worldwide and the versatile performance by Adam was widely recognized. Arrival was also selected by American Film Institute as among the top ten movies of the year.

Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic is an independent comedy dramas of 2016 which is written and directed by Matt Ross. The story revolves around the family who were living in isolation for about decade and then circumstances force it to reintegrate with society again. The cast of drama includes Viggo Mortensen, Frank Langella, Kathryn Hahn, and Steve Zahn.  The head of the family Ben Cash along with his wife Leslie, former left wing anarchist activists disillusioned with capitalism and American life have six children. They both home school their children and instil physical training, and left wing  politics. Story takes a twist when Leslie suicides because of bipolar disorder and Ben with children have to move to wilderness to attend her funeral.


In 2018, Ari Aster wrote and directed Hereditary a supernatural psychological horror drama film. This is the story of a family whose secretive grandmother, Ellen Leigh passes away. After her death, the grieving family is left to face paranormal tragedies and horror incidents to unfold dark secrets. Annie Graham, daughter of Ellen Leigh lives with her husband Steve, daughter Charlie and son Peter. Charlie dies because of Peter’s negligence which increases tension among the family. After Annie is influenced to séance with Charlie, disturbing occurrences start which lead to unravelling of untold secrets. The cast includes Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro and Gabriel Byrne.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is a sequel to Batman Begins and is a superhero film from DC Comics character Batman. The film was released in 2008, directed, produced and written by Christopher Nolan. The main roles of Batman were played by Christian Bale and Joker by Heath Ledger. The film begins with robbery of bank in Gotham City. After the robbery, robbers kill each other to get the biggest share until Joker steals all their money. The Joker created a menace and havoc among the people of Gotham City. The Dark Knight along with James Gordon and Harvey dent have no choice but to stop their organized crime and put an end to it.


Brooklyn is a historical romantic film showcasing time of 1950s period. The story is written by Nick Hornby and directed by John Crowley, the film is inspired by a novel of the same title. The movie features Saoirse Ronan in a lead role. The story starts with her migration to Brooklyn to find a job. She falls in love and marries with an Italian plumber named Tony. She is forced to choose between her home town of Ennischorthy and her new life in Brooklyn. The movie was filmed in three locations i.e. Brooklyn, Montreal and Coney Island.


In 2015, famous British director Asif Kpadia compiled a documentary film about the ups and downs of life of   famous British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. She was found dead at her home in north London. The film narrates the struggles and the story about her success and substance abuse that she had to go through before her death at a mere age of 27 caused by alcohol poisoning.  The film received quite hype among the audience and won 30 film awards, that include Best European Documentary, Best Music Film, Best Documentary at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. The film features some unseen archive footages, unheard music tracks, personal testimonials from the tragic life of Amy Winehouse.

The Exorcist

This supernatural horror movie The Exorcist was directed by William Friedkinhe movie was inspired by bestseller novel of William Peter Blatty. The story narrates the struggles of the mother Chris MacNeil who is an actress and had a 12 year old daughter. Regan is possessed by mysterious demonic entity. She sought help from two priests to rescue her daughter through exorcism. Regan starts behaving strangely and act abnormally after talking to her supposedly imaginary friend, Captain Howdy while playing with a Ouija board. Chris contacts with doctors and physicians who suggest exorcism to be performed because nothing is wrong with Regan physiologically.

American History X

American History X is a crime drama film that narrates the story of two brothers from Los Angeles. The film is directed by Tony Kaye. The film begins when one of the two brothers, Danny Vinyard presents an essay about the Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf to his Jewish teacher Mr. Murray. African-American principal, Dr. Bob Sweeney instead of expelling him starts teaching him history calling it American History X. Doctor Bob asks Danny to write an essay on his prisoner brother, Derek. Derek is a former white supremacist/neo-Nazi leader, whose opinions have changed after spending 3 years in prison. When Derek sees that Danny admires his past, Derek starts preventing his younger brother from adopting the same path.


This is a Canadian comedy sports film starring Seann William Scott as the main character Doug Glatt. Dough is a kind-hearted but dimwitted bouncer at a bar in Massachusetts. He belongs to a brainy family as his father and brother are renowned physicians. Doug along with his friend Pat attends a minor league hockey game where he gets into a fight with the opposing player and knocks him down easily. Later on Doug is called upon by the hometown team coach who offers him a job as an enforcer/goon in the ice hockey team. The story moves on about Doug as he strive his best to lead his hockey team to win by using all his physical and mental strength.


Chef is an American comedy-drama film starring Jon Favreau as Carl Casper, a head chef in Gauloise in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Restaurant owner Riva, expects Carl to hold on to classic dishes instead of innovative and improvised ones. After a quarrel between Food blogger Ramsey and Carl, Carl discontinues is job when as he faced affronting prestigious critic publicly. Carl also has estranged relation with his tech savvy son, Percy and rich ex-wife, Inez. Then, Carl along with his son and a friend chef Martin launches a food truck serving Cuban sandwiches and yuca fries across the country to Los Angeles. Percy markets about the food truck on social media and they get famous. Later on, Ramsey also clears out his stance with Carl and they together reopen a restaurant.

The Prestige

The Prestige is a psychological thriller film inspired by the novel of Christopher Priest written in 1995. Director of the film is Christopher Nolan who is also the brother of Christopher Priest. The story is about two shill magicians Robert Angier and Alfred Borden. The story takes a twist when Angier’s wife, Julia fails to escape and drowns in a water tank during a performance. After that tragedy Angier and Borden becomes enemy of each other as Angier accuses Borden for his wife’s demise. Both magicians put on stake everything they have got in order to outwit each other in the fire of revenge.

The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist is a comedy film which is the adaptation of non-fiction book the Disaster Artist written by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell in2013. This is the biography of the famous actor Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell and tells us about the ups and downs of their careers and friendships.  This film was among the top ten films of 2017 on National Board of Review. The story begins when 19-year-old Greg Sestero attends an acting class where he happens to meet Tommy Wiseau and gets inspired by his acting skills. They both become friends and then move to Los Angeles to pursue their acting careers in Hollywood. Dave Franco played Greg Sestero and James Franco played Tom Bissell.

Spy Game

Spy game is a spy thrill movie directed by Tony Scott. Story beings with the conviction of CIA agent Tom Bishop’s (Brad Pitt) conviction in Suzhou, China just before the visit of Chinese President to USA to finalize a very important trade agreement between the two countries. CIA calls upon soon to retire senior agent Nathan Muir, trainer of Tom Bishop for help. He is asked to gather proper legal reasoning for execution of their CIA asset Tom in order to save the trade agreement as well. But Miur reveals about Bishop to is CNN because he is tipped off. Then the story continues about confliction between Miur and Bishop, Bishop being involved romantically with Elisaeth Hadley, and later on Miur rescuing Bishop.


In 2019, Steven Knight produced and directed Serenity which is a fantasy thriller film. It narrates the story of a fishing boat captain, Baker Dills. His ex-wife, Karen contacts him and makes tries to include him in her current husband, Frank’s killing. She offers him $10 million and ask him to drown Frank in the ocean during the boat trip she has already booked for Frank with Dill. The cast Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Diane Lane, Jason Clarke, Djimon Hounsou, and Jeremy Strong. The twist in the story is that Dill is a game character, designed by Patrick in the memory of his father, John Mason killed in Iraq.

God’s Own Country

God’s Own country, a British drama film follows a story of a young sheep farmer Johnny Saxby. His life changes when a Romanian migrant, Gheorghe who is hired for help during lambing season enters his life. Johnny is a binge drinker and involved in casual sex to escape from daily frustration. Johnny is quite intrigued by Gheorghe and after a couple of fights, the two men get involved sexually but Gheorghe returns to Scotland to avoid Johnny. Johnny’s father becomes quite weak after his second stroke. Johnny in desperate need of a partner sets of to bring Gheorghe back home to live and run the farm with him.

St. Vincent

St. Vincent is an American comedy-drama film released in 2014. It was written and directed by Theodore Melfi. The story is about a Vietnam- war veteran, Vincent MacKenna who gambles and drinks regularly. He visits his wife as a doctor who has Alzheimer’s and don’t recognize him. He meets his neighbor Maggie Bronstein’s son Oliver whose parents are recently divorced. Oliver and Vincent both get along well as Vincent teaches Oliver defensive modes and Oliver helps him in clearing his debts. Later in the story Oliver inspired by Vincent’s past stories declares him a saint in his school project Saints Among Us and gets him a medal. Bill Murray plays St. Vincent with other co-stars Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, Chris O’Dowd, Terrence Howard, and Jaeden Martell.

The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden is a Korean thriller and erotic movie directed by Park Chan-wook. The story takes place in japenese occupied Korean region. A man under the sobriquet of “Count Fujiwara” aims to seduce a Japanese lady named Lady Hideko in order to gain inheritance. Featuring Kim Min-hee and Kim Tae-ri, Sook-hee (the maid) grow close with Hideko and she allowed her to wear her jewellery and dresses. Sook hee, maid of Fujiwara tries to convince Hideko to marry her lord Count Fujiwara but Hideko slaps her and run away in frustration. When Kouzuki (Hideko Uncle) leaves for a business trip, Fujiwara got her inheritance but it is later on reveled that Sook hee is involved in a plot to defraud her.


Warrior is a American sports film written by O’Connor and directed by Gavin O’Connor. The story is about a youngest son of an alcoholic former boxer who was trained by him for a competition in mixed martial arts tournament. The fim features Tom Hardy (Tommy Riordan) as a youngest son of Nick Nolte (Paddy Conlon). Tom Hardy also an ex US Marine knocks off a professional fighter on a second day in his gym and the video goes viral. Tommy found that he could win an MMA fight for $5 Million fight with his elder brother Brendan Conlon (Joel Edgerton). The fight ended in a submission by Tommy to Brenden as Brenden tell him that he loved him and they both left ring with their father watching and smiling.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a novel inspired movie written and directed by Stephen Chbosky. This movie follows the story of a teenager named Charlie, suffering from clinical depression joins his freshman year of high school. He is quite anxious and lacks confidence in engaging with fellowmen and befriending them. Sam and her stepbrother Patrick, realize that Charlie has no friends so they include him in their groups. Charlie helps Sam to improve her SAT score. As the story moves on, it is revealed that Charlie had been sexually abused by his aunt as a doctor helps Charlie repress his memories. Later on Sam and Charlie get along with each other as Charlie comes out of his depression.

How to Access Australian Netflix Library from Anywhere Outside Australia

If you are unable to stream any of the above listed movie from your location, then no problem. You can access the Australian Netflix Library easily and get hold of them from anywhere.

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Access Netflix Australia

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