Top 5 Netflix Originals You Must See Right Away!

Netflix has been around since a few years now, and it has already changed too much for us. It has provided instant access to entertainment in simpler ways, making it possible for people to bid farewell to their TV cable providers. Like any other streaming service, Netflix has a diverse multitude of TV shows and movies, some of which are produced by Netflix itself.

There are more than a hundred titles that Netflix has produced so far. Some are just ok, while some of them are really worth your time. Here are five best Netflix originals that we highly recommend for you to watch.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return

There are many future sci-fi movies out there that show the extent to which modern technology is expected to reach. But nothing compares to this film set in 3000 AD, where scientists from other planets are performing the most basic psychological experiments on humans to study their response.

It all begins when Jonah Heston is lured towards the dark side by an evil plan put in place by a father-daughter scientist duo of Dr. Clayton Forrester and Kinga Forrester. Their experiment is simple and unique in the most interesting way – to send Jonah to another planet and force him to watch all the bad movies. The idea is to study his mind.

If you are looking for a thought-provoking movie, one which you can relate to, then this is the one. Its humorous, satirical, and great in details.

Black Mirror

This Netflix Original tops everything else that Netflix has on its menu. Written by Charlie Brooks, this series has 3 stand-alone episodes in each season and has managed to release four seasons so far. Season 5 was announced not so long ago and is expected to be available on Netflix by April 2019.

Black Mirror has received multiple awards, has managed to delight all the critics, and continues to be a trend among people with diverse tastes in different genres.

The title Black Mirror gives a hint at the black screens found in phones and TVs. While the show is all about technology, the main focus is on human emotion, how they communicate, and how selfish they can become if technology can give them the means to be.


Back in the day, there were movies like Mean Girls, or there were TV shows like Friends. Nowadays, the new trendy TV show which has got everyone talking is GLOW. So far, two seasons have been aired, which have been received in the most applauding way. Its third season was recently announced and is expected to be available sometime around early 2019. The show has been nominated for dozens of awards and has managed to secure four of them.

The show is set in the mid-80s, and is about a professional wrestling club for women, known as Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, hence the abbreviation – GLOW. The protagonist, Ruth Wilder, is an actress who has just begun her career.

Mind Hunter

Based on a book by Jhon E. Douglas, Mind Hunter is a crime show about serial killers. It is set in the late 70s, when FBI agents, Holden Ford, and Bill Tench were beginning to understand criminal psychology, which is now a separate division at the FBI.

Together, the detectives conduct a series of interviews with several convicted serial killers, who are now serving their sentences. With questions that are intriguing, the duo gives an insight into the minds of serial killers, which makes it easier to understand why people become serial killers.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The home of the Baudelaire family catches fire. While the three Baudelaire children were rescued in time, the parents were not lucky enough to make it. They leave behind a fortune for their kids to inherit in time. Since they are still young, the Baudelaire children are assigned to the custody of different guardians, most of whom want the fortune as much as the Baudelaire children are already entitled to.

While the children are still trying to get a hold of the current situation, a mystery starts uncovering, one which involves their parents being members of a secret society.

Netflix US is Blocked Around the World

Netflix has a different content library for each country it operates in, and Netflix US has the best content of them all. This is because broadcast regulations in the US are much lenient as compared to other countries. To avoid bans on its service, Netflix has intentionally made a lot of content only available for its US audience, while blocking it from its user base in other countries.

This is unfortunate for Netflix users that are not in the US. They pay the same fee, subscribe to the same service, and yet end up feeling left out as they are unable to access content from Netflix US. Such blocks and censorship based on the region are known as geographical limitations, something which is against human rights, yet still practiced anyway by entities across the globe.

Access US Netflix

How to Access American Netflix from Outside the US

Your IP address defines who you are and where you are located. It is what allows Netflix to block your access to its US library. If you can change your IP address with one that is based in another country, such as the US, you can very easily trick Netflix servers into believing that you are located in the US. This way, you will be automatically routed to the US Netflix library.

There are many ways to mask your original IP address with a pseudo IP address, but the best way to do so is by using a VPN. A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN, is a cybersecurity tool that affords users complete online freedom. With a VPN, users can access content that is not available in their region, and also remain safe from all online malice such as hacking, snooping, cyberstalking, mass surveillance, and ISP throttling.

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