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For online users looking for protection against online threats, they should get hold of the best Paid VPN service. Subscribing such a service is going to be beneficial even though it costs you money. As they say good things never come free so using a free VPN service would not be a good decision. To tell the truth, free VPN service is a kind of trap set up to lure customers into visiting the sites offering free services. Mostly their very purpose is to generate huge traffic on their sites which then could be diverted for fulfilling their own purposes. Moreover, such free services are sponsored by other companies and they display the ads and banners of such companies when you start using their service. We would go into more details why best paid VPN services are preferable to the free ones but before that it might be a good idea to give you a basic overview of how a VPN functions.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an ultimate tool for online security as it creates a secure network established over public network like Internet by using an encrypted tunnel through your system is connected to a remote server based in another country. All information entering the tunnel is first encrypted before being allowed to travel through the tunnel. No unencrypted data is allowed inside tunnel and no unauthorized source can access it. This is how your data is secured when it travels through Internet. Due to lack of awareness about online protection, many users think that by using tools like anti-virus software or PC-based firewalls they are protected against online threats. Sadly, it is not so. Most of such tools at best can protect data inside your system but will abysmally fail when your data travels through lawless cyberspace.

In addition to this, users are also assigned a new IP address on subscribing to a VPN service. It is an amazing feature enabling users to surf anonymously. What is more, your real IP address remains hidden. On browsing with the generated IP address, nobody will be able to detect your real online identity. No doubt, your privacy and data will remain secured from the online threats.

How Paid VPN Scores Over Free Ones?

If you want to get real VPN services then it is imperative that you should go for the best paid VPN. Obviously, providers offering you free VPN services do not provide you real services. They offer you limited VPN features which leave you exposed to online dangers. Free services do not offer you full gamut of services as is offered by the best paid VPN services. From bandwidth to speed, everything is below par as far as free VPN services are concerned. You can infer why so many users subscribe to the best paid VPN when free VPN services are available. The answer is simple enough that free VPN is just a front for luring visitors.

On the contrary, the best paid VPN services offers you high quality services and have got all the amazing features for protecting customers from online threats. Talking of free VPN, there is risk of such services that they might even sell your data collected during your browsing. It is high risk using such services for protecting your data as you are never sure your very provider might be prowling your sensitive information. While using the best paid services, they do not target you with advertisements. As far as the paid services are concerned, they always endeavor to provide services using the best technologies available. For such providers, customers are the only source of generating revenue.

Benefits of Subscribing to the Best Paid VPN

Most of the reputed VPN providers have got their servers spread across the globe. On subscribing to the best paid VPN, you would be getting unlimited bandwidth as opposed to limited bandwidth offered by free VPN providers. Offering bandwidth costs money so you can guess from where these free VPN providers get the money? Speed is another high point of paid service unlike free ones which are abysmally slow. They will take ages to open up web pages if you are using free VPN. It will really test your patience. Moreover, the paid VPN services have got the organizational capacity to offer wide variety of superb technologies like different VPN protocols like IPSec, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, etc, so the customers might get any level of protection desired by them.

Apart from using latest technologies, the best paid VPN also offers 128 bit encryption so the clients remain protected while making their payments online. On top of it, they have excellent live customer support in order to sort out your problems and queries as and when they arise.

You would find out that most of the reputed providers offer money-back guarantee or free trial account for 3 days for as low as $2.5. During the trial vpn period of three days, you can test the quality and efficiency of the providers on parameters like speed, bandwidth, security, compatibility, customer support. After the lapse of 3 days, you can subscribe to the full service if you are satisfied with the quality service. Or else, you would get the full amount refunded without any questions asked. The free trial account differs from the free VPN service as it is for limited days usually for 2-3 days with guarantee of full refund of your fee if you find the service unsatisfactory. Well…talking of reliability, users would get guaranteed 99.999 uptime on subscribing to the best paid VPN provider. Your VPN connection would also be compatible with all major operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. Also, you can configure your VPN on various devices like iPad, iPhone, etc.


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