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Best Shows on ABC [Updated Sep 2019]

ABC is one of the leading national broadcaster providing a wide range of digital services in the form of television, radio, mobile, and online services throughout the regional and metropolitan American regions.  ABC has been one of the favorite channels for people of all ages because of its vast and varied offering of some of the biggest shows on TV right now. ABC covers almost every genre, especially on network TV, including adventure shows, heavy dramas, and even family comedies. For a person it gets challenging to select and decide what to watch from this wide range of good TV shows, so we have therefore sorted that out for you.

Here are the best shows on ABC that you should watch without a doubt. But wait, for people trying to stream ABC outside America it may get tricky because they offer their digital services in US region only. But no need to worry, check below how through PureVPN anyone can easily access ABC from any region of the world without any hassle.

1. How to Get Away With Murder

One of the most-watched show “How to Get Away with Murder” begins with an actual murder scene where a group of law students is stressed and confused over what to do with the dead body before they head back to their first session with Annalise Keating, a charismatic professor that teaches defense law with brilliance. Coincidentally, Professor Annalise being a criminal defense attorney selects a group of brightest and best law students to conduct a session named as “how to get away with murder’’ and want all selected students to assist her with the case. The overall story includes loads of thrills with many dramatic twists and also a captivating lead.

2. Grey’s Anatomy

Grey Anatomy is one of the most-watched American medical drama series on the television these days. This medical drama focuses on the lives of residents, interns, and attending physicians working at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, who have just begun their medical careers. The drama revolves around the struggle these young doctors face in maintaining a balance in their professional and personal lives and relationships. One of the best features of this series is that it was made using color-blind casting and was racially quite diverse. Several seasons are available as the first show premiered on March 2005. Grey Anatomy, due to its high demand, ranks the fifteenth highest-rated drama season at ABC.

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3. American Idol

American Idol is an American singing competition originally created by Simon Fuller to provide a platform for people to come and show their singing talent and compete against each other to win the most popular title in the singing competition. The public decides the winner of the singing competition means the American viewers through the internet, phone, or SMS text voting. The show revolves around a panel of vocal judges who watch and critique every contestant’s performance. In broadcasting history, the success of the show has remained unparalleled and recognized as one of the best and most impactful shows in the history of television.

4. The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor is a series based on an award-winning South Korean series with the same title. It is also one of the most famous American medical drama premiered in the history of television. The show focuses on the character of Shaun Murphy referred to as a young surgical resident serving his medical career at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Shaun is a medical resident who is suffering from savant syndrome and therefore, has moved to San Jose hospital to seek support from his mentor Dr. Aaron. Shaun is all alone in the world with a troubled childhood which does not let him easily connect with people around him. However, the drama explains how he discovers his niche using his medical intuitions and skills to challenge the skepticism and save the lives of his colleagues.

5. Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live is a live late-night talk show hosted and created by Jimmy Kimmel and broadcasted on ABC. This live talk show initially debuted on January 2003 and is considered one of the longest-running late-night talk show on the network. Jimmy Kimmel is an Emmy winning artist who serves up comedy bits with such brilliance and welcome guests that include celebrities, musicians, comics, athletes as well as everyday people with compelling and unusual personal stories. The show remains popular among people who like to know more about their favorite celebrities and discover rare and unique personal and success stories of people.

6. Blackish

Blackish is an American sitcom series created by Kenya Barris. The first show aired on September 2014 and as of now has five successful seasons on ABC. The show revolves around an African American family lives and shows how they juggle several sociopolitical and personal issues. The show has remained quite popular among people and has received Golden globe nomination and Emmy for an outstanding comedy series. This show was also awarded TCA award for being an outstanding achievement in Comedy. In terms of season ratings, this show ranks relatively higher among other broadcast shows.

7. The Rookie

The Rookie is an American crime drama series created by Alexi Hawley and was first on aired for ABC. The story revolves around a man named John Nolan shown as the oldest rookie working at the Lost Angeles Police Department. As after his graduation from the Police Academy as the oldest rookie, John is seen navigating unpredictable and dangerous nature of his job and is seen keen and determined to make it good in his new career despite several challenges. This drama, however, is based on an inspiring true story. The story revolves around the struggles of John being an old rookie how he manages to cope up with young cops and at the same time use life experience and determination to gain an edge over other cops in the department.

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8. A Million little things

An American based family drama series originally created by DJ Nash for ABC. This series spins around different spheres of friendships and explains how friendship is not just one big thing but entails a million of little things. The series show a group of friends from Boston who are bonded to each other in much-unexpected circumstances. The series reveals how the identified group of people are struggling in their lives. Some are seen as successful in their lives while few are struggling in their relationships and careers. Everyone is stuck in life. The story takes a twist when one of the friends dies unexpectedly. It becomes a wakeup call for the rest of the friends to live their life to the fullest finally.

9. Family Feud

Family feud is an American game show originally created by Mark Goodson where families compete to win prizes and the cash amount. The concept of the show is that two families compete against each other and try to give the most popular responses to any given survey question. Each family is allowed to stay in the game and play until they miss an answer. Over one miss, the other family competing gets the opportunity to take over the competition. In the end, the family with the most point gets to compete in the bonus round to subsequently increase their winnings.

10. Fresh off the Boat

Fresh off the boat is one famous American Sitcom series created by Nahnatchka Khan. This series is said to be loosely inspired by the life of food and chef personality Eddie Huang and his famous book with the same name “fresh off the boat”. The story depicts the life of a Taiwanese American family somewhere in Florida. In the history of US television, this show was the first one to star in an Asian American family on network primetime. The story revolves around the lives and struggles of immigrants in America. The latest season is expected to get aired anytime in September 2019.

How to Watch ABC Outside the US?

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