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Best Shows to Watch on NBC [Updated September 2019]

Have you checked out the recent additions to the NBC media library? Some great TV shows have been renewed for fresh seasons, most of which will begin airing in the coming weeks. If you are looking for good streaming content that you can watch this summer, here is a handpicked list of titles we think you will love.

The Good Place

Eleanor Shellstrop is dead. She has now reached The Good Place. Upon her arrival, she is shown a highlight of all the good things she did in her life. After that, she is introduced to her soul mate. Everything seems perfect, only that she is not the Eleanor that people in heaven are mistaking her for, and all the good deeds in the show reel, those weren’t her good deeds.

Now the question is, will she choose to keep living in the heaven and keep lying about who she is, or will she tell the angels of her misplacement and get sent to hell.

The Blacklist

Ex-government agent, who happens to be on FBI’s Most Wanted list, has cut a deal. He will help the FBI catch a terrorist who is thought to be dead. After that, he will surrender to the FBI. He only has one condition; he will only speak and deal with Elizabeth Keen, a fresh face at the FBI.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American police television sitcom that first premiered on Fox in 2013. The famed series spins around Jake Peralta, an amateur but talented NYPD detective in Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct, who clashes with his new commanding officer, the serious and stern Captain Raymond Holt.

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This is Us

Through all the highs and lows, the Pearson family is an interesting combination of people who have the most dramatic lives. Switching between the parents past, to their triplets Kate, Randall and Kevin, the family is on a the pursuit of finding happiness and the true meaning of living together as a family.

The Voice

Budding singers are given a recording contract after performing in a reality talent contest. Multiple coaches guide the contestants through the different phases of the competition. It’s like most regional underground music gigs, but the quality of music showcased in The Voice is as good as professional modern day music.

AGT: America’s Got Talent

Everyone knows this show. Clips and snippets from it regularly trend on Social Media, which is one reason why the show has received so much hype in the recent days. People from around the world get to compete against each other in a series of rounds by showcasing any talent that they have. It’s fun to watch, at times emotional, and mostly jaw-dropping.

Ellen’s Game of Games

From her original, more popular TV show, called Ellen DeGeneres Show, some rounds and competitions. This show airs during US prime time hours and has great versions of Ellen’s favorite day games.

Saturday Night Live

If “old is gold” holds true for you, this show is for you. It has been going on since 1975. Each season, popular celebrities, actors, singers, musicians and other artists are invited on Saturday Night Live to perform comedy. The show has a history of airing great content at nights and going viral on social media the morning after.


Passengers of Flight 828 have just realized that the world has aged five between the time they took off and the time they landed. Friends and families have given up looking for the passengers of the ill-fated flight, thinking that they have died. Now everyone has a second chance; some passengers will start new lives while some plan to resume their older ones.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Everyone knows Jimmy Fallon because of this show. The Tonight Show is the most popular late night US TV talk show which is all about humor, current affairs, and all that’s happening around celebrities and screens. It’s a great watch for late night binging.

How to Get NBC outside the US

NBC airs some of the most interesting content when it comes to TV shows. Not only is its content fresh, it has newer themes and plots, a forte where most country’s channels are lagging behind. This is why many people prefer to watch NBC programs, even though they live outside the US.

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