The Best Virtual Tourist Locations to Enjoy During Coronavirus Lockdown

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Few could have predicted the devastating impact of COVID-19 at the start of the year. The subsequent months have seen all semblance regular life come to a standstill. The nature of the virus has meant that travel of any kind, especially air travel, is either highly restricted in some countries or banned in others. While the virus has crippled the airline industry, it has had a far more drastic impact on tourism. However, there is a slight silver lining for all the people that had to cancel their vacation plans: virtual tourist locations.

Recent leaps in technology mean that some of the most iconic tourist locations from around the world are accessible straight from your home. While this was a niche until recently, more and more people have started taking an interest in it. Moreover, you don’t need expensive Virtual Reality (VR) sets to enjoy the best virtual tourist locations from all over the world either.

Currently, Google itself is now catering to people’s desire by customizing it’s Google Maps services for people who are starved for travel and are looking for ways to travel to their favorite places, Google has offered a virtual tour experience for them.

Here Google itself is encouraging travelers to opt for the virtual tour by selecting any place they want to see and experience. You can select up to 23 locations for now. If you select any location, it shows you it’s pictures, history about that place, and if possible a Youtube video. You also have the option of selecting the street view, but that depends on if Google already has that place street view available or not.

Hopefully, the health emergency around the world starts subsiding soon. But until it does, you can at least enjoy a 3D tour of your favorite scenery straight from your laptop, mobile, or tablet. To give you an idea of what you can look forward to, here is a collection to help you decide which virtual tour you’d like to embark on next (or do all of them!).

The Louvre, Paris

What can be said about Paris that hasn’t already been said or written already? Paris breathes arts and culture. Unsurprisingly, it ranks highly as a virtual tourist option. After all, there’s so much the city has to offer, even in terms of the best virtual tours on the internet. The Louvre is the jewel in Paris’ crown.

You’ll never find yourself looking for the best virtual tour as the iconic virtual museum has an entire catalog on offer. You can explore ancient Egyptian antiques that go back thousands of years, wander at the Remains of the Louvre’s Moat, enjoy the works in the Galerie d’Apollon, and so much more.

All tours come with easy-to-use UI and helpful navigation. Several other features ensure that despite not being there physically, you won’t miss out on any of the Louvre’s famous art pieces.

The British Museum, London

How wonderful would it be to get a virtual tour of nearly two million years of human history straight from your house? Well, that’s exactly what you can do at the British Museum. The vast collection of antiquities means that there is something for everyone in this place.

The highlights include artifacts from the Napoleonic wars’ famous battles like the one at Waterloo, or content related to the years of struggle for LGBTQ rights. Other interesting items include the Olduvai stone chopping tool, considered the oldest man-made object in the world, and the Flood Tablet considered the oldest piece of literature in human history.

There hundreds of other similarly intriguing items available to see on a virtual tour of the British Museum. The 3D tour in the place comes with accompanying audio that gives you a greater understanding of the artifact you’re viewing.

The Vatican, Rome

It’s rare for such a crucial era in human history to be so vividly illustrated for the general public to see. But it becomes clear that the Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Rooms do exactly that with regards to the Renaissance period.

The Vatican is full of some of the most beautiful pieces of human expression created by renaissance era artists such as Michelangelo. Justifiably, you’ll need a VR set to access the virtual tourist locations at the Vatican. However, this tour will undoubtedly leave you in awe as the immersive experience created will surely leave you at a loss for words.

The entire tour is supported via WebVR allowing users to zoom in on all the pieces of art as well as a miniature audio-guide that includes interesting tidbits as well as some interesting facts about each piece of art.

Athens Acropolis, Athens

Technology allows you to have a fully immersive virtual tour of the famed Athens Acropolis. It is the location of the famous Parthenon, a cultural standpoint for the ancient world. You can enjoy a full 3D tour of the Theatre of Dionysus as well as the same portions where Plato and Aristotle used to teach their pupils.

This is a fascinating virtual tour of the cultural hub of Ancient Greece. Through these virtual tourist locations, you’ll be able to look at the very place where important societal and cultural pillars like democracy, stoicism, astronomy, as well as theatre, were born among many more.

The audio companion guide is one of the most intensive ones on the list, giving you a complete insight into each location you see as well as any important facts associated with that particular place, such as the exact spot where Socrates was allegedly arrested. By the end of the tour, you may find your interest in Ancient Greece significantly heightened.

Royal Academy of Arts, London

This one should particularly interest the architecture enthusiasts. The Royal Academy of Arts, also located in London, offers a virtual tour that guarantees to challenge as well as stimulate your perceptions. The Sensing Spaces exhibition has long enjoyed a reputation for hosting some of the most captivating interpretations of our world via photography.

A virtual tour gives all the visitors an insight into the mindsets of the artists that produce these pieces of modern art. Each 3D tour is complemented via an audio guide that gives the visitor the artists’ intent but also encourages them to come to their conclusions about each piece.

Machu Picchu, Andes Mountains in Peru

It is no wonder that Machu Picchu is a stunning visual marvel. Technology has made it easy for you to see the UNESCO World Heritage site in all its beauty and splendor from the comfort of your home.

The site virtual tour allows you to explore every inch of the fascinating site as well as the immersive green atmosphere that surrounds the famous site. The 360° 3D tour allows you to get a complete view of the Inca civilization. A voice narration gives you important bits of historical information that will undoubtedly leave you more impressed with how the ancient masterpiece was created.

Final Thoughts

While all of these virtual tourist locations will keep you amply entertained during the current lockdown, there is always the beckoning question of privacy. It is highly advised that you use a reliable VPN such as PureVPN whenever you decide to use a VR set to see some of these locations as well as online. Keeping your actual location obfuscated could save you from any unwanted infringement of privacy online.



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