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How the Right VPN Can Give Your Business Critical Cyber Protection?

Almost every ambitious business today, be it large or small, has some sort of online presence. Some have huge ecommerce websites that generate thousands, or even millions of dollars in revenues each year, while others at least have a presence on social media so they can connect with consumers in a convenient and engaging way.

We all know through experience that sometimes while convenience is good, it can have harmful effects too. Though the maintenance of one’s online presence has proved valuable for most enterprises, such a presence also means that these same enterprises can become easy targets for all kinds of cybersecurity threats.

What does your business have to lose from a security breach?

Security breaches at large enterprises, such as Sony, JP Morgan, and Home Depot often dominate the headlines. But have you ever heard of an ecommerce store getting hacked? The chances are low because these incidents are often not reported by the international media. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not happening.

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, cybercrime and cyber spying cost the US’s economy around $100 billion and the global economy about $300 billion annually. The most shocking part is that 71% of $100 billion are contributed by hacking attacks on small and mid-size businesses. As per the latest Government Security Breaches Survey, the worst breaches cost up to £300,000.

Think like a hacker for a second. If you have a chance to hack a business, who would you pick: A Fortune 500 Company with a digital-security budget and a team dedicated protecting its cyber assets, or a small business that doesn’t employ a single IT security specialist? I think you get the point.

And if it’s discovered through an investigation that the company’s poor security measures were responsible for any data breaches, the company may be fined up to £17 million or 4% of annual turnover (whichever is higher) according to the data protection laws introduced by the European Union under GDPR.

Even if a financial incentive is not the main motivation behind the attack, there are plenty of other reasons why a company would be targeted by cybercriminals. As an example, there may be competitors who would want to disrupt the company’s current operations. Further,  inside information can always come in handy for any competitor, which would motivate them to try to break into unprotected or lightly protected systems.

How can you get the right protection for your business?

A study of 3000 companies in the UK, US and Germany showed 53% of businesses are ill-prepared to deal with a cyber-attack. This is especially true with businesses that do not have the right cybersecurity tools at their disposal.

The easiest way to keep all systems secure is by installing the right security tools on them and making sure that the software and the OS are updated at all times.

While most companies do install security products, like anti-viruses on their systems, they often forget the importance of cybersecurity tools like a VPN. Anti-virus software is good for the internal security of a workstation. However, the apps fail to offer the right security for devices that remain connected to the internet. This is where a business VPN comes in.

The importance of a Business VPN

VPN security can be most important for any business if it wants to remain safe from cyber-attacks. There are different kinds of VPNs available on the market. Most are used for streaming. But there are a few premium VPN services that offer security and privacy features to businesses. These VPN services have features that include encryption and protection from DDoS attacks, making them best for any online business.

Benefits of using a Business VPN

A well-constructed and premium Business VPN service can provide businesses with countless benefits. The hallmark of a VPN service is security and anonymity. While anonymity may not be a necessity for business owners, security is!

Complete Protection Everywhere

Your business might have teams or individuals that have to travel between countries in the interest of the company. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these people are often exposed to online threats that follow them everywhere. And since they’re away from the secure surroundings of their usual workspace, they are more in danger of getting attacked by a cybercriminal.

A premium VPN service offers the right security in this case. It offers complete cybersecurity through security features such as end-to-end encryption. This ensures the security of any private data, even when the person is connected to an exposed or dangerous network.

IP Whitelisting

Some employees might have a lot of traveling to do, while others have to work from home. In these scenarios, they often need to connect to a remote server where all their confidential files are stored. Problems start to happen if the security of this server gets compromised at any time, but can also happen when the user may visit other websites as well since they are no longer protected by the security of their business network. This is why it is important to ensure that only whitelisted IP addresses can access any sensitive data.

A business VPN service also offers multiple dedicated IP addresses. These IP addresses are will be under the use of a single business entity only. This is why businesses can increase the security of their server by making it mandatory for visitors to only enter via the dedicated IP address authorized to them.

Wi-Fi Security

Even though this logic seems counterintuitive, keeping a password on your Wi-Fi hotspot may not be completely secure. Even with WPA/WPA2 security, hackers can easily acquire access to any Wi-Fi hotspot and can easily intercept and monitor any online communications passing through it. Therefore, a premium VPN service should be used to bolster  Wi-Fi security, ensuring that all data passing through is encrypted and safe.

A VPN also helps users from the vulnerabilities posed by public Wi-Fi hotspots. Even if a hotspot is being monitored and is said to be secure, a VPN service ensures the security of your communications through adequate encryption.

Protection against DDoS attacks

Furthermore, a business with websites and domains available online may become a target for DDoS attacks or other hacks. A business VPN service can be helpful in this case as its servers are equipped with the right tools required to combat DDoS and other related attacks that can prove to be dangerous to any website.

Choose the best business VPN cyber protection!

Choosing a VPN service that fits all of your needs is essential. For maximum security and protection, the VPN service chosen should feature the following benefits:

  • Must not be difficult or complicated to use and manage
  • Must provide good encryption protocols
  • Should provide high-speed connections and unlimited bandwidth
  • Must offer connections to several devices under one account
  • Must offer dedicated IP addresses

This is where PureVPN’s Business VPN Service comes in. It offers many optimal features that can prove to be vital for any business. Not only does it offer the best security features, but it can also give you access to your very own remote VPN server and hundreds of dedicated IP addresses that come with it.

With PureVPN’s Business VPN Service, you get:

  • Access to an admin panel through which multiple VPN accounts for the employees can be managed
  • Access to any number of dedicated IP addresses required
  • Option to get your own remote VPN server
  • The best encryption protocols
  • Protection from DDoS attacks
  • Important cybersecurity features such as Internet Kill Switch and Wi-Fi protection

In a nutshell…

Cybersecurity is vital for all businesses today. The best way to ensure the security of your brand is by using Business VPN Cyber Protection. And you can get all this and more with PureVPN’s very own Business VPN service.

Sheheryar Khan Sheheryar Ahmed Khan is a privacy enthusiast, currently affiliated with PureVPN. His reporting covers subjects related to online privacy, anonymity, and security. Also a believer in online freedom, Sheheryar likes to spend his free time streaming football matches and TV shows online.

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