How to Buy Your Favorite Games at Cheap Prices?

Who doesn’t love saving some bucks on great deals? We all do! We are here to let you in on some of the greatest deals and discounts on Origin and Steam games that you can get right away. If you are a gamer, than Origin and Steam needs no introduction. It’s the only go-to platform for gamers around the world, where all of them come together to play multiplayer games and share with each other what they love.

This time of the year, there are great deals all around you. If you are a gamer and wanting to get your hands on the latest games such as FIFA 19 or Battlefield V, than you are in luck. Both the platforms have put up some great deals for its users around the world.

Price Difference According to Region

There is just one slight problem with the deals – they are not global. This means that only a few people, living in specific regions can have access to the deals and discounts that they are offering. People living outside the specified regions will not be able to get any discounts. It’s a pity that we live in a time where we call it a “global village” yet we are subjected to regional restrictions.

We understand the need for gamers to be a part of the bigger picture. We know how important games are for you, and how a discount can make or break the deal for you. But you can get the best discounts and buy games for cheapest price on Origin or Steam by using a VPN. Read below to get the details.

Price Comparison Chart for Origin Games

Our research tells us that currently Asian countries like India, Singapore, Thailand has the lowest prices on Origin games.  This way, you can easily get games for cheap, no matter which country you live in.

Here is a price comparison chart for top trending games worldwide on Origin. All prices are converted in USD from local currencies. Lowest price of each game is highlighted in bold green font.

Game/CountryFifa 2019Battlefield VAssassin’s CreedThe Sims 4
Hong Kong$32.88$80.34$53.64$15.33

The prices may slightly vary depending on the currency conversion rate. The above prices were updated on 8th Nov, 2018.

Price Comparison Chart for Steam Games

The below table shows the price comparison of trending games on Stea. As it can be seen, prices in Asian countries are relatively lower than others along with Brazil which has the lowest prices on some Steam games too. You can select the country where cheapest price is identified by green color font.

For other games, you may check yourself or request us to include them in the below comparison.

Game/CountryPUBGPES 2019World War 3CS GO
Hong Kong$24.02$50.85$23.00$9.71

The prices may slightly vary depending on the currency conversion rate. The above prices were updated on 8th Nov, 2018.

Buy your favorite games from Origin and Steam at lowest possible price (up to 60% low)
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How to Get Games for Cheap with VPN

The good thing is that you can get your favorite game at lowest possible price. For instance, you are in UK and want to get FIFA 19 from origin. It is available for $54, however, you can use a VPN to connect to Singapore and but it at lowest price of $30.58 easily.

With a VPN, you can change your virtual location in an instant. It sets you free from regional bounds and allows you to change your virtual location to any country that you want. After you have installed and connected your VPN, it’s just a matter of finding which country is offering the best discount on games.

Similarly, for Steam, you need to go to your account settings to change country from their, after connecting to desired country server.

PureVPN will help you not in getting lowered prices for 1 or 2 games, but every time from now on and on every available game on these platforms. What are you waiting for now. Just get PureVPN and start saving on your online game purchases.

Dedicated IP vs Shared IP

As much as users love a VPN, most providers hate it. This is because providers have to go the extra mile to ban content in your region, and if you are circumventing the ban with a VPN, they won’t be happy. In most cases, if a provider is against the use of VPN, and detects a user who is using VPN to access its services, chances are that this particular user will get banned from the platform.

This is where dedicated IPs come in. Most VPNs provide their users with shared IP address. This means that one IP address will be used by hundreds of users at the same time, making it extremely easy for providers to notice the strange activity and understand that it is due to a VPN. With a dedicated IP, one that will be used by only you, there is no chance for anyone to ever find out if the dedicated IP address is coming from a VPN or a device.

Gamers who face service outage problems after using a shared IP VPN know the struggle. It’s horrific to get banned from a platform that you love so much. But not anymore, get a dedicated VPN and game on!

Disclaimer: PureVPN is not responsible for the banning of any gaming account caused due to the use of its services.

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Final Word

A VPN is not just for gamers, it is for everyone who uses the internet. While there are hundreds of reasons why someone would want to use a VPN, some of them include:

      • Overcoming latency issues on gaming
      • Reducing ping by connecting to a server in a different country
      • Accessing blocked features in a game
      • Accessing game rooms and competing with players who are not in your region
      • Hiding your real identity

The list of reasons why people use VPN can be very long. It all depends on what you want to use it for. Whatever your reasons may be, a VPN is a tool for everyone to enhance their online experience.

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