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Here’s How You Can Send B1G12 Invites

Treat. Treat. Treat!

PureVPN never ceases to amaze its users when it comes to seasonal deals, exciting new offers, and giveaways. Well, guess what! We are currently running a great deal that will surely entice you and your loved ones.

For the first time, PureVPN is introducing a Buy One Gift Twelve (B1G12) deal that lets you send free monthly account invites to your loved ones. Read on to learn more about it and how to send the free invites.

PureVPN Buy One Gift Twelve (B1G12) Deal

Our B1G12 deal is simple. You subscribe to your desired VPN plan, and you get an invite for twelve free monthly accounts and each account worths $10.95.

The B1G12 deal provides you with an opportunity to help the people you care the most. Well, you can’t ignore the fact that the cybercrimes are growing at an exponential rate. In fact, there’s a hacking attempt every 39 seconds in the US alone.

Government and corporate entities are also  after everything you do online, be it social networking, online shopping, online transactions, emails, and more. Once they are able to get their hands on your personal data, they abuse it however they like.

You can save not only yourself but also your loved ones from these growing online threats by gifting them PureVPN’s 1-month account for free.

How to Send an Invitation

Check out the following guide to learn how you can send the B1G12 invites to anyone:

  1. First of all, visit PureVPN’s Member Area and log inb1g1 invite
  2. Scroll down, and you will find the Send Invite Now button
  3. Fill out the necessary fields
  4. Click Send Free Monthly Account Invite
  5. Voila! Your invitation is sent.

B1G12 – Commonly Asked Questions

How Many Free Accounts Can I Send?

You can send twelve free monthly plans per account. If you have multiple subscriptions, you can send multiple invites.

Can the Invitee Send More Free Accounts to Other Users?

No, they can’t. The free account users are not eligible for the B1G12 deal.

Can I subscribe to Add-ons While Using the Redeemed Monthly Account?

You can’t do that either. Add-ons are available only for subscribed users.

What is the Validity of the Invitation Link?

The Invitation link will be valid for 30 days only.

Are Existing Users Eligible for the Gift?

No, you cannot send B1G12 invites to existing users.

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