Can a VPN be traced- All you need to know about your privacy  

Can a VPN be traced- All you need to know about your privacy  

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Some people, before buying a VPN, seem curious if anyone can trace them. There is nothing wrong with this concern, as people mostly use VPNs to hide their identity for security purposes. This article will cover the possibilities of tracking and the abilities of VPN to hide your digital trace. 

Can a VPN be traced- All you need to know about your privacy  

Top privacy tracking concerns  

There are top three concerns that people have in their mind while using a VPN. These are:  

  • Are we still traced with a VPN?
  • What information is visible online about us? 
  • Can anyone track our online activities? 

Let’s go deeper into it in our next sections. 

Can we be traced with a VPN? 

Yes, you can still be traced with a VPN; however, the tracing requires a lot of hard work and high technology to decrypt the VPN encryption. It also depends on which VPN you are using. If you use a free VPN, tracking will be much easier than the paid one. 

However, if you’re using a robust encryption VPN like PureVPN, the tracing will be more difficult and near impossible.  

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What information is visible online about us? 

Have you ever noticed when you open any website, it shows you the currency of your country or in your country’s language how? Well, that is because your location is accessible to them. Some websites even gather more information from your browser, like your name, email address, location, and device you use while browsing. 

Can anyone track our online activities?

Yes, your online activities are easily accessible through various software. Have you ever noticed why similar things start coming after you search for anything specific on google? Well, several algorithms capture your searching behavior and show you similar types of results. Many websites use customer behaviors to sell their products. Some free websites sell their customers’ data to other websites for marketing purposes to fund their freebies. So, everything you do online without a VPN can be tracked and used for any purpose easily. 

Factors revealing your digital traces 

Some factors reveal you’re online. Appearance even after using a VPN. These factors are:

  • Malware: The top privacy revealer is malware. They steal your personal information, and you could be trapped in any fraud due to malware
  • Cookies: Cookies are the technique that most advertisers use to track your online presence. You can block cookies through your web browsers easily to avoid cookies revealing your identity. 
  • Digital fingerprinting: Another way to identify your digital exposure is through fingerprints that portray your identity. 
  • A DNS leak happens when you cannot configure your DNS settings properly. Always ask your VPN provider to give you your DNS address to avoid this situation. 
  • Doxxing: It is another online practice that spammers do to expose the privacy of any user. The information includes the home address or work address of the person.
  • Logging into your accounts: If you are using a VPN but still logged in to your Google account, it will gather your online activities and keep track. 

Which VPN to choose to prevent tracking 

If you are looking for a reliable VPN that never reveals your identity or uses your browsing data for marketing, then you should use PureVPN. Why? PureVPN satisfies its thousands of customers by providing the most secure browsing experience.

With complete privacy and security, PureVPN is also providing its customers with many exceptional features like

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can police track VPNs?

Most government organizations have special tools to track IP addresses even after using a VPN.

Does a VPN hide your location?

You need to turn off your GPS location to hide your location via a VPN. 

What does a VPN not hide?

If registered accounts are logged in a VPN, you can’t hide your internet activity. 

Can a VPN block everything?

Although a VPN can hide your IP address, it doesn’t mean you cannot be tracked. 


As you can see, tracing your internet presence is still possible with a VPN, so you need a VPN that provides you with your DNS address add-on to improve your privacy. PureVPN improves your internet privacy by providing customers with a 100% anonymous browsing experience. 




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