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Now users can also opt for Cloud VPN although cloud computing is relatively a new phenomenon. Numerous businesses have started to use cloud; it is fast becoming a popular option. May be not so far in the future, even average users might start using it as it has many advantages when compared to the traditional computing. It does not matter whether you are using cloud computing or not, you will have to ensure that your data remains secure when you are browsing online. As the reach of Internet is increasing, so is the capacity of malicious online pirates like hackers and spammers to pillage your data and information while it is transmitted through cyberspace. No denying the fact that the advent of Internet has made our lives so much easier and fun but it has also given birth to species like hackers and spammers. With tracking software technologies easily available, species like hackers, etc, have become a formidable online threat.

Cloud computing is being increasingly used by businesses and average user as it saves up on costs. As far as online protection is concerned, cloud does not provide any cover.  For online protection, users have got numerous options like proxy servers, anti-virus software, PC-based firewalls, etc. These are excellent tools in keeping your information and privacy protected. But such protection is limited to data resident within the system. As the data goes out of the system, such tools are ineffective. In the anarchic cyberspace, the hackers and spammers snoop into data being transmitted. But the security of data while it is transmitted online is very important as it is here that the data is prone to being pillaged. As the awareness about online security is low, mostly lay users think why would anybody be interested in hacking their system as there is hardly anything inside which can be of interest to anybody.

Cloud VPN – An Amazing Tool for Online Protection

Cloud is gaining popularity amongst the tech lovers. However, concern for the security remains even if you are using the cloud. Getting such a service just enables you to move your servers and stuff in the cloud but still you would require the services of a robust online protection tool. As discussed above, there are numerous tools available for online protection but most of them fail to provide comprehensive security for your data traveling through Internet. For getting perfect online protection, it is strongly recommended that you should subscribe to Cloud VPN services. Undeniably, there is no better tool than VPN for reasons which will be explained hereunder.

VPN (Virtual private network) is a secure private network enabled over a public infrastructure like Internet. On getting the cloud VPN services, your system is connected to remote server located in another country through an encrypted tunnel. Besides, all information routed through the tunnel is encrypted before being allowed inside. Decidedly, it keeps your data beyond the reach of hackers, scammers, etc, because users need validation before being authorized to access the tunnel. On top of it, both the ends of the VPN tunnel are secured by tunneling protocols like PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, etc. Moreover, you will also be assigned a new IP address generated from a remote server based in another country. On browsing with the server generated IP, your privacy and data will remain protected as nobody would know your real online identity.

A Few Words about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a fast emerging technology and is about service than a product. It enables computers and other devices located at different places to access IT infrastructure from a single point. Moreover, it can free lot of resources by working on shared software. It is really fantastic as you use services without worrying about hardware and stuff. Such details are taken care of by your provider.

PureVPN – Top Provider in the VPN Industry

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