Over a Decade-Long Cyberstalking Victim Turned Cyberstalking Fighter

Lisa WoellerI have been a cyberstalking fighter for 11 years now. I prefer using the word fighter instead of ‘victim’ as the latter disempowers one. I choose to help other cyberstalking fighters who are in the same shoes as me, regardless of my cyberstalker still being active.

The woman who continues to cyberstalk me resides outside of the U.S, making justice a challenge, and almost near impossible to stop.

In 2014, my trusted experts and I discovered that it was a jealous female internet marketer – an ex-online business competitor – who was cyberstalking me. Sadly, this woman had always viewed me as a threat when I was working in her business niche.

I had even tried to make friends with her online in 2006 not ever knowing she was the one cyberstalking me. But regardless of the woman’s efforts, I will never quit. I will never STOP helping others, and I will never dim my light for her sake, ever.

I will not leave the internet no matter what lies she posts about me online or threats she makes. I have been called every name in the book on various sites and social networking sites: scammer, spammer, phishing scammer, fake, a fake victim, liar, copyright infringer, gross, bi**h, hacker, #lisawoellerliar, etc.

Mind you; this is just a taste of what this woman has done. There were emails, phone calls, text messages, and my websites in the past that were hacked by her. The phone calls and text messages, however, finally stopped after I changed my phone number.

It took me about a month to change it. The reason I didn’t change it sooner was that I am hard-headed and didn’t want to give up my number.

My focus: To help empower you. To help you reclaim your power. To help you continue to shine your light without fear.

My hope and prayer for you: I hope your cyberstalker will stop and justice is served. And if not, I hope you continue to shine your light. I hope you do not let your cyberstalker distract you, scare you, or stop you from living your life and dreams ever.

Cyberstalking Warning Signs

Trust your gut instinct if your ex-friend, acquaintance, business colleague, or ex-lover starts communicating vile things to you via text messages, private messages, emails, etc.

Don’t dismiss their awful behavior as something random if you feel in your heart they probably won’t stop. Had I trusted my intuition from the get-go I most likely would not be here sharing my thoughts with you.

Don’t Quit

Going on 11 years now, my one piece of advice is: never quit. Even if the person is still cyberstalking you. Don’t quit fighting for what is right. Take a break if need be, but don’t give up or lose hope.

Also, remember that you’re peace and you’re not the one who is full of drama -your cyberstalker IS. Knowing this in itself is peaceful. Knowing this reminds you that *you’re* the strong one. You’re peace and peace is yours. Nobody can take that away in spiritual truth unless you let them.

Seek Emotional Support

Lastly, I can’t stress this enough, but finding good support is key in all of this. Seek a licensed psychologist to help you deal with any stress or PTSD you may be experiencing. Also, it may be helpful to seek support from other people who were, or are still being cyberstalked.

Victims and past cyberstalking victims can help heal one another because they understand exactly what each is going through. Family can be of some support, but sadly may over time become unsupportive due to repeated discussions about their cyberstalking ordeal. If you do decide not to reach out for help, at the very least surround yourself with gentle people, messages, and environments. Peace be with you.

Mindset coach, a cyberstalking victim, turned cyberstalking fighter & mentor, Lisa Woeller’s mission is to help others reclaim their power, take back their peace, and to refocus on their life goals and dreams. Lisa Woeller is also the founder of FightCyberstalking.org. She prefers to work behind the scenes, working one-on-one to help other cyberstalking fighters become more proactive.


Author Bio

Mindset coach, cyberstalking victim, turned cyberstalking fighter & mentor, Lisa Woeller’s mission is to help others reclaim their power, take back their peace, and to refocus on their life goals. Lisa Woeller is also the founder of FightCyberstalking.org. You can also find her at LisaWoeller.com.

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  1. Mykel Hawke says:

    Thank You! You have done more to help me, my fam and my biz than any other source out there.

    You’ve helped by teaching better ways and showing better tools to fight those whom would do harm and attempt to hide behind the cyber walls.

    While the laws may be slow to catch up, we non-techno geeks need the help of Cyber Warriors like Y’all to look out and help out.

    And for those who don’t understand the full scope of it, the wisdom you share is from the pain you have suffered. 11 years of being stalked and harassed has not only bettered your knowledge, but proven you can not be defeated and are a force to be reckoned.

    So, sorry you’ve had to suffer but THANK YOU for never quitting and never turning bitter- the fact that you stay positive and strive to help others is proof positive of your skills and a testamony to your good character and principles of integrity!

    I know because I have seen it first hand both as a victim and one who has benefitted from your assistance and counsel.

    Here’s wishing you peace and prosperity and recommending you with highest regards to anyone seeking your support.

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