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DHS Simulating Cyber Attacks on Industries

In much recent news it was revealed that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has started to focus on training exercises in order to prepare industries from cyber attacks. The Department is now offering industries the methods on how to deal with (cyber) intrusions, more specifically to their computer network. Striking a partnership with Idaho National Laboratory, DHS has offered several cyber attack training programs geared towards cyber security for different industries.

The New Initiative

The DHS has been alarmed of the different cases of cyber attacks over the past years that they conduct training exercises under real life scenarios at least once a month. The program is aimed to improve awareness and train personnel on how to deal with real cyber attacks.  There are different sectors that already attended this program. From the oil industry to transport sector, the DHS opened its doors for the different groups to learn and to intensify their cyber security status. During media day, DHS demonstrated a 2 hour demonstration of a 12 hour exercise. The scenario presented was industrial espionage. The fictitious company, ACME developed a new chemical and Barney Advanced Domestic (another fictitious company) tried to steal its product and disrupted its operation. The scenario played out when the CEO of ACME received an Email saying click here. The one playing the role of the hacker is a personnel working form the Idaho National Laboratory.

What does DHS intent to do?

The aim of DHS in their program is not only to strengthen systems but also to improve people’s reaction to dubious emails that could find fault in your computer’s security. According to the DHS senior official, there is a need to improve as the adversities improve when it comes to cyber security. In one of his interviews, the Director of the DHS Control Systems Security Program, Marty Edwards mentioned that this game is aimed on how to implement defenses amidst attacks in an industrial control environment. Senior official of DHS further added that “They figure out ways to get the defenses that you deploy”. This prompted the DHS to continuously evolve their ways on a regular basis in order to cope with the methodologies applied by the hackers. For the officials, they see this search for improvement an ongoing battle.

The Bottom Line: Money Vs Security

Though the government agencies are affected by the recent budget cuts, according to Greg Schaffer, "As budgets becoming tighter, prioritizing taking action for cyber security within other parts of the government is something we have to be vigilant about advocating for". He even added that looking into parts of the government not involved in cyber security is among the top of their concerns.

VPN – A Safer Option To Switch To

Increasingly more and more organizations are taking steps towards implementing a safe and secure information exchange system. In order to save the costs, another option the organizations use is the VPN. Virtual Private Networks not only safeguard the privacy on the Internet but also enable safe and secure browsing, thus eliminating the risk to any kind of cyber attack. In sum, there is no end to what all we can do to ensure security of our data and it is our responsibility to get the best VPN service and minimize the risks as much as we can.