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What is an eBay stealth account? Everything you need to know

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Did you recently come across the words “eBay stealth account” and are now wondering what they are, why they exist, and how they’re created? If so, this article is for you!

With eBay stealth accounts gaining popularity among sellers and buyers alike, it has become empirical for everyone to learn about them.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it and learn everything there is to know about eBay stealth accounts.

eBay stealth account

What is an eBay stealth account?

You might have already heard about linked accounts connected due to similarities in the account holder’s personal information or data, such as name, address, and PayPal information.

eBay recognizes and links accounts together – even if one of these details is the same. In the case of connected accounts, all of them will get suspended if the platform suspends one. 

Moreover, sellers cannot upload the same products on multiple linked accounts.

On the other hand, eBay stealth accounts are not linked, meaning they are different IP addresses, names, and browsers. The same person doesn’t hold eBay stealth accounts; in other words, eBay can’t trace the ownership of such accounts back to you.

Since no guidebook ultimately lays down everything you can do to avoid getting banned by eBay, it’s best to create several stealth accounts on the platform.

How can businesses benefit from eBay stealth accounts?

eBay stealth accounts are more common among sellers than buyers, and there are three significant reasons for this.

Create duplicate listing

The first reason businesses rely on eBay stealth accounts is that it allows them to create duplicate listings on multiple accounts. As a result, they can garner more profits with the same products but through various stores and lock the first few spots of the search results on eBay.

No suspended accounts

The second reason behind the popularity of eBay stealth accounts among business owners is that your eBay stealth account will not get suspended with your primary account, unlike connected accounts. So, you can continue doing business from your stealth accounts without losing your income or running out of work if your account gets suspended.

And if you’re thinking you won’t fall prey to your account getting banned by eBay, NEWS FLASH; it can happen to anyone and, sometimes, without an apparent reason. 

No selling limits

Lastly, these stealth accounts can help you avoid eBay’s selling limits, which is excellent for novice sellers. If you’ve just set up your business and want to sell more than ten items and those worth more than $500 every month, a stealth account can help you eradicate such obstacles.

How to create a stealth account on eBay

While creating multiple stealth accounts on eBay can seem tiring, it’s worth it in the long run. As mentioned earlier, a stealth account requires different personal data than an existing account. This data includes ID address, PayPal info, phone number, email address, and name.

Before we explain how you can change your IP address, which might seem like the trickiest task to some, let’s take a look at the other steps you need to follow to create a stealth account on eBay:

Step # 1: Adding new personal information

This is one of the essential steps in creating a stealth account on eBay. The reason is that if you provide any information that leads back to your primary account, they’ll end up getting linked, and if your old account is suspended, your new account will have to wait until the ban is lifted.


While eBay doesn’t typically link accounts with similar names, it can cause suspicion. While choosing a name for your stealth account, you’ll have to make sure it is verifiable by PayPal and eBay.

Due to this, we’d advise you to use the name of a friend or family member, specifically those without an existing account on eBay or PayPal, which will help in case you have to verify your identity with supportive documents, such as a Social Security Number [SSN], IDs, etc.

If you don’t have a name of a person without an existing account, you could use an assumed name, an LLC name, or a DBA [Doing Business As] name. 

In the case of a DBA name, you can use an Employee ID Number [EIN] instead of an SSN.


For the address, it’s best to stick to a real address that you can access. If you’re using a fake address that you can’t access, your customers might become suspicious when they want to return an item and report you to the platform if you give them a separate address from the one provided on your account.

Again, ask a friend or family member if you can use their name and address. Or you can also rent a PO Box.

Phone number

You also need a unique phone number that has yet to be used on any other eBay account before for your new stealth account. Furthermore, you’ll have to ensure that you have access to this phone number since eBay will call you for verification.

We suggest you use a phone number provider who will route all calls to your real phone number. Even with a provider, you’ll have to ensure they have numbers from the same city as in the address you provided for your eBay stealth account.

Email ID

Since Gmail disables Web Beacons, which are small images placed by eBay to track IP addresses, we recommend you use them for your stealth account. However, you can use any free provider of your choice. 

To confirm that the Web Beacons are disabled, go to settings > external content and select the “Ask before displaying external content” option. Choosing an email address that reflects the name you’ve set for your stealth account will also be vital.

Bank and credit card details

If you have a bank account and credit card number that you haven’t used on eBay before, you can use them for your stealth account, even if they contain your real name. If you still need to, you’ll have to open a new account and apply for a new credit card.

Pick a bank that’ll work with PayPal and use your real information for account creation because eBay can’t verify the name on your bank account.

Step # 2: Get rid of your browser and flash cookies

eBay uses Flash Objects and browser cookies for tracking, which means that whenever you log into eBay, it drops cookies in your browser and later uses it to identify you. Therefore, you need to clear these cookies from your browser before creating a stealth account, so they can’t be used to link the two accounts.

You will also be required to delete Flash cookies for the same reason. Doing this is vital if you’re planning on creating one stealth account. However, for multiple stealth accounts, you’ll have to create separate user/administrator accounts because clearing cookies and flash objects for the same account numerous times will lead to suspicion, which might lead to account suspension.

Step # 3: Change your IP address

Your IP address is the numerical label assigned to your computer on the internet. This address can be used to identify computer computers on the internet uniquely. This IP address can be used to link accounts and, therefore, to suspend linked accounts because, in the event of a ban, your IP address will likely be blacklisted.

While you can get a new device for your stealth account, it might burn a hole in your pockets, especially if you plan to create multiple stealth accounts. The most budget-friendly option to hide your real IP address and replace it with a new one is using a VPN, such as PureVPN.

Step # 4: eBay stealth account creation

You can create your eBay stealth account with a new name, address, phone number, email address, bank and credit card details, and hidden IP address. Make sure you uninstall all your eBay plugins before this.

It is also pertinent to note that you can use a Merchant Account instead of adding PayPal as your checkout option, but this option might be tricky for some users. So, create a PayPal account with the new information and then make your eBay stealth account.

We also recommend creating a spreadsheet to record all the information, including IP address, login details, PayPal details, address, phone number, and name, you use for different stealth accounts on eBay.

Is it better to use stealth accounts or connected accounts on eBay?

Stealth accounts will prove beneficial if eBay suspends your primary account. If you own connected accounts and the platform suspends one, all of them will face the same fate. However, this will not be the case if you own stealth accounts.

That said, you should always prioritize enhancing your primary account. Stealth accounts are outstanding for scaling your business and as insurance if your primary account is banned.

Moreover, your stealth account will help you incorporate efficiency in your expenses and costs because it’ll lead to higher money output.

Are there any drawbacks to creating a stealth account on eBay

There are only risks in creating stealth accounts on eBay if you make them with fake information or purchase them through third parties. You might also need help with suspension if you use accounts without the knowledge of their user history. Our advice is never to use fake details on your eBay stealth accounts and always use an account of someone you know.

Reasons you should use a VPN for eBay stealth accounts

Using a VPN, such as PureVPN, is the only safe way to manage your primary and stealth accounts on eBay because it ensures all your internet data, history, and traffic are entirely private and encrypted. Using a VPN for your stealth accounts will protect you from being monitored, traced, or tracked by third parties, including eBay.

A VPN hides your real IP address and replaces it with another IP address from a server location of your choice, which prevents eBay from identifying your stealth accounts and linking them to your primary account.

Some other benefits of using a VPN include the following:

  • Bypassing regional limitations
  • More secure personal and financial data
  • Higher speeds due to reduced chances of ISP throttling
  • Safety against auditors, scammers, and hackers
  • Ability to use stealth accounts on multiple devices

How to keep your eBay stealth account safe 

Protecting a single eBay stealth account is more accessible than protecting multiple accounts. For the latter, you’ll have to be extra cautious when logging into an account and ensure you’re using the correct IP address.

Here’s a list of some other things to consider for the safety of your stealth account:

  • Don’t create identical listings.
  • Choose different images, descriptions, titles, and categories for the same products on multiple accounts.
  • Always leave between $100 and $150 in your PayPal account.
  • Pay your selling fees on time.
  • Pay for the things you’ve agreed to purchase.
  • Follow all of the platform’s rules and regulations.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, your eBay stealth accounts could be the gateway to scaling your dropshipping business and opening up new avenues. They’re an excellent option to bail yourself and your business if eBay suspends your primary business account. And for buyers, it’s a vital source to bypass regional limitations.

Frequently Asked questions

Will eBay know I’m using a stealth account?

eBay will not know you’re using a stealth account if you follow a strict protocol when accessing or operating them. For example, you should ensure you use different stealth accounts with separate IP addresses.

Can I create two eBay accounts using the same PayPal information?

You can create two eBay accounts using the same PayPal information, and the platform automatically links together such accounts.

Does eBay allow multiple accounts?

eBay allows sellers to own multiple accounts on the platform if it’s for organization purposes. If you’ve created multiple accounts on eBay with the same payment, personal, or IP information, eBay will link them together.

Why did eBay suspend my account?

If eBay has suspended your account, it means you failed to follow the rules and regulations put in place by the platform to maintain its quality for the eBay community. eBay might have flagged you as an unserious seller or a fraudster, or you might have violated the platform’s terms of usage outlined on the platform.

What to do if eBay suspends my stealth account?

If your eBay stealth account is suspended, you will still have access to your primary account and any other stealth accounts you’ve created. You can continue conducting business through the other accounts as per usual.

How many eBay stealth accounts should I create?

You can create as many eBay stealth accounts as you can handle, but the recommended number is 4-5. However, creating multiple accounts can lead to mistakes that offer eBay a chance to link your accounts and ultimately ban them. It’s best to create accounts based on the number of accounts you can manage.

How does account linking work on eBay?

You don’t have to manually link two accounts together, as eBay can do that without your help with its methods for detecting accounts owned by the same user. For example, eBay might use browser and flash cookies, your personal information, or your IP address to link the multiple accounts you own on the platform. 

When can I start selling from my eBay stealth account?

After creating your stealth account, use it for a week or two to accumulate cookies daily without listing products. Doing so will ensure that your account is stable and ready for you to start updating and duplicating listings.

Can I create multiple stealth accounts on eBay?

You can create as many stealth accounts on eBay as possible if you’re not using fake information.

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