Email Management Can Strengthen Better Security And Save Money

For the past couple of decades, electronic mail (aka e-mail or email) has become one of the leading communication medium worldwide. According to Email Statistics Report by the Radicati Group, there were over 2.9 billion email users in 2010 which are projected to grow to 3.8 billion by 2014. No doubt, email has become an important part of everyone’s life, be it business or personal users. Even a school going kid has several email accounts with popular email services like Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail, etc. In 2010, Windows Live Hotmail was recognized as the world’s largest email providers with more than 360 million active accounts worldwide. Indeed email is fast, cheap and easy to use. Along with loads of convenience, however, come many security threats like viruses, exposure of confidential material, spam and inappropriate content. And this is exactly why Email Management remains to be the toughest battle that most businesses face daily.

Email Management: Better Safe than Sorry

As a major doorway into an organization, email is a principal means of proliferating malware and stealing sensitive company information. Therefore, the onus of preventing email security threats and better email management lies with the organization itself. When considering an enterprise wide secure email management solution, a layered approach, combining both business processes and applications make sense. Email management for organizations can, therefore, be broken down into a number of components such as email flow, data storage and user access. Monitoring the email content flow and ensuring that all emails comply with business policy is fundamental. The biggest security threat to an email storage system is the potential for mail data to be lost. Most organizations see this threat as existing in the storage data centre and spend many millions in securing it. Another important aspect of email management is the protection of business from malicious or unlawful attacks.

How To Strengthen Email Security & Save Money?

A complete email security solution includes myriads of email protection tools, many of which cost customers a lot of money. Firewalls and VPN are two commonly used and relatively cheaper network security technologies that help batten down the email hacking without adding to the bottom line. While firewalls are commonly used to prevent malware attacks, one of the best ways to strengthen email security is by working remotely using a VPN as it connects the users securely to the global internet. The key features of the Virtual Private Network, encryption and tunneling can ensure both secure data storage and reliable data communication over the internet. In addition, VPN Providers can help businesses to get rid of major email challenges by:

  1. Strengthening their email security goals and understanding the common issues.
  2. Recognizing the tools and providing solid advice on better email management.

Fortunately, VPN is a low cost and safe method to facilitate secure email communication within an organization. This is why many companies have turned to virtual private networks and cut down on their costs and increased performance by ensuring enhanced security and better email management.

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