Some sensitive or highly confidential information are encrypted so that other people cannot understand them. The data is converted in the form of digits so that it cannot be decrypted and interpreted by any third party except the recipient. Encryption method offers security to exchanged mails, messages, pictures, videos and other information from cyber-criminals, government authorities, Internet service providers (ISP) and Internet gateways.

There are different levels of encryptions that include 128 bit, 256 bit and 1024 bit encryption. Higher is the encryption level higher is the security offered to mails and data. It becomes increasingly difficult to crack or decrypt the information with an increase in encryption level. Hence, 256 bit encryption is more secure than 128 bit encryption. According to a research, hackers need to enter more than a trillion key combinations in order to break a 128-bit encrypted network.

How to Encrypt Internet?

As encrypted Internet obscures traffic communication during browsing websites and keep the e-mail exchange confidential, many people are interested in using advanced technology to get encrypted Internet. VPN offers the best solution to encrypt Internet. VPN has been popular among individuals and companies for offering best private networking environment. It has also been popular for providing encrypted Internet, ability to change IP address and hide IP address to users. VPN also enables users to access banned websites and geo-blocked websites by surpassing Internet censorship. So it is must that you use a VPN to encrypt internet for secure browsing.

How VPN Offers, Encrypted Internet?

VPN protocols provide the answer to online users wanting to know how to encrypt Internet. VPN uses a large number of secure Internet protocols that offer encrypted Internet during browsing websites and mail exchange. The secure VPN protocols include: Secure socket layer/ Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS), Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), Layer2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), Secure Shell (SSH) and Internet Protocol security (IPSec) etc.

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How to Encrypt Wi-Fi Connection?

All Internet communication through a Wi-Fi enabled device can be encrypted and kept confidential using VPN client software. To install VPN client software on a PC system, a user has to follow easy steps.

  • Log on to PC system using administrator id and password.
  • Open Internet explorer on the computer system.
  • Download the VPN client software by visiting the official website of the provider.
  • Install the software on your PC system.
  • Configure the VPN client software to encrypt your web browsing traffic and mail exchange.

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Use SSL to Get Encrypted Internet Access

A person can encrypt all the traffic emanating through his PC system using VPN. The most common way to encrypt web traffic is by using a SSL certificate. To use SSL encryption method, a user has to follow below mentioned steps.

  • Use administrator login and password to log on to your PC system.
  • Click on “Start” button & select “All Programs”.
  • Click on “Administrative Tools” & select “Internet Information Services (IIS) manager”.
  • Double click to expand the content of websites.
  • Locate the website folder where you want to encrypt web traffic.
  • Right click on it to select “Properties” Tab.
  • Open "Directory Security" Then, click on "Edit" Click the "Next" button when you get the "Secure Communications" dialog box.
  • Select “Create a new certificate”. Hit 'Next' button.
  • Assign a name to the SSL certificate to encrypt web traffic. Select the highest bit length under “Bit length”.
  • Enter your company name, domain and location and save the information in a secure zone on hard disk.

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Significance of Encrypted Internet

Encrypting web traffic is essential especially when you are visiting online finance websites where you do online money transactions, or online shopping. People also want security from government authorities while visiting banned websites and want their traffic communication to be confidential.

A US online TV channel NBC does not allow people from outside US to watch free shows. Recently Thailand blocked YouTube from being viewed in the country. Iran, Turkey, UAE and China have also imposed a ban on different websites such as Netflix, Hulu and Google services including YouTube. By using VPN, a person can access geo-blocked websites; open government restricted websites; change or hide IP addresses to enable secure browsing, and send e-mails anonymously.  

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