End of Yahoo Mail Classic – Rise of new version that scans emails more to target ads

Irritated with Contextual Ads, left with no mailbox space, hard to clean your mailbox, if that is so, just be with us and with every word of this work piece, you will have your good news.

Yahoo implied a newest mail version, brings destruction to email privacy, started from June 3rd, with this implication onwards, Yahoo old Classic version will no more in use. Its force transformation, either take it or turn your back from yahoo. To switch to the new version you have to accept Yahoo TOS/Privacy policy update that intend to scan each and every email to depress contextual advertisement and abuse protection. Yahoo bluntly proposed its users especially “Premium Mail Plus” either accept it or swap their mailbox to another IMAP client. In case if they ditch Yahoo, Premium mail user will get prorated refund.

It’s good news for those Yahoo users who desperately waiting for a way out to opt contextual ad and bad news for rest who die hard for email privacy.  Let’s discuss how it effects in both ways,

Less Email Privacy with Yahoo latest Version

New privacy policy with newer version of Yahoo comes along with a threat to Email Privacy. By accepting the term of use and Yahoo privacy policy, you actually allow Yahoo to automatically scan all content and analyze every word of your communication.

Most Yahoo users are diehard fan of privacy that will no more remain private with Yahoo anymore and a threat is always there if Yahoo hold onto your information or make it public. Whatever, it reflects but this enforcement is completely labeled as an aggressive invasion of email privacy.

End of Ad Tracking with Yahoo latest version

Yahoo users who continue the services and switch over to the newer version can avail a chance through Yahoo’s Ad Manager to opt out all contextual advertisement. Let’s see how we can do that.

  • Login to your Yahoo account and go to Yahoo’s Ad interest manager.
  • You can search Ad interest Manager from Yahoo’s Privacy Policy or directly by Yahoo search help from the home page.
  • If you go through Yahoo Privacy Policy then look on the right side for Ad interest Manager and click the link.
  • At the Ad interest Manager Page you can see “Interest Categories” which you have to set according to your wish. There is a list of categories like Automotive, Consumer packages, Entertainment and etc., etc…
  • You just have to press “Off” for non desirable ads and “On” for ads that you want to see in your mailbox.
  • Or you can use “Opt Out” option to completely forbid contextual ads.

*Note: remember you have to apply these setting on all computers you use, by login to your yahoo account.

End Conclusion

Yahoo launched the newest version in December and announced the discontinuation of Classic version in April and as of today it implies on every Yahoo mail account. No doubt new version comes with better features and option like for instance Ad Interest Manager. But it also a threat for your Email privacy, due to complete scanning every word that you communicate so be careful and keep naughty stuff away from Web. Hey! Wait why to be so scared when we have power of VPN. Keep enjoying the way it used to be and be invisible with VPN.

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