The growth in the internet and social media has totally transformed our lives, especially the way we go about our daily lives.

The amount of information that we now put up on the internet is increasing with each passing day. This information being shared on the internet ranges from simple expression like how we feel and what we are doing to important stuff like our pictures, videos, contact information, emotional outbursts, and what not. The fact that this information is being shared on social media like Facebook where it can be seen by people that are not-so-close to us, can be potentially dangerous: And, imagine if this information is shared with complete strangers.

Sounds like a Scary Thought?

As Facebook’s privacy policy has changed considerably over the past years, its users have grown increasingly grumpy about the fact that every privacy policy change somehow brings our private information more within the reach of strangers.

Case in point is Facebook Graph Search. The new option virtually eliminates the comforting privacy blanket that made Facebook popular in the first place. Such privacy policy changes result in creepy stalkers getting a better chance to collect information from Facebook users and violating their privacy.

The growing ability of stalkers and other nefarious elements to easily collect private information of unsuspecting users has resulted in 61% of users not trusting Facebook with their private information.

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What Next? Deactivate Your Facebook Account?

Secure facebook privacy and security - PureVPNA Facebook account can be easily deleted through the account settings. Facebook provides its users the option to download all the information they put up on the website like photos, videos, status updates, etc. before deactivating their account. Moreover, Facebook also keeps your account on its database for 2 weeks before permanently deleting it. So, you have got some time to think over your decision and reestablish your ties with Facebook.

There is also an option to temporarily deactivate your Facebook account, just so that you can get a feel of how life would be without Facebook!


There is no denying the fact that Facebook has become an integral part of our lives. We can speak our heart out, share whatever we want, and stay in touch with hundreds of people through a single platform. However, the changed face of Facebook’s privacy policy has really started to cast doubts in the hearts of Facebook users about how private they really are on the popular social media website.

As your first line of defense, you can disable Java on your computer to protect your private data. Moreover, you can also safeguard the privacy of your information by installing the newest Java version on your PC. As these are basic safety practices, they can only ensure basic level of protection. For comprehensive safety and security, get a VPN account from a good VPN service provider.  Moreover, make sure that you have your VPN connection working for the entire duration of your stay on the internet. A VPN can be termed the last line of defense for ordinary internet users!

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