When I spoke about one VPN connection per server, my readers kind of, were left intrigued. They wanted to read more about how to speed up their connectivity, or say how to get the best VPN connection.

 So here’s what I have for you in this excerpt. We’ll talk some tid-bits about how to speed up your connectivity in VPN. Firstly, your connection will definitely work genuine if you don’t have excess data transmitting in your tunnel. That means, I am hoping that you have a remote desktop or a terminal server across your connection. Next, your most important focus should be on your requirement. What do you want your VPN to do for you??  Give you high-throughput, or low-latency? Low-latency provides you with the best service, in terms of web browsing, and VoIP (Voice over IP); while high-throughput is required when you want to watch videos, or download heavy files! Once, you have gathered your requirements; make sure, that you choose the right kind of gateway (your VPN provider will provide you a number of gateways to channelize your request). Don’t hesitate to contact your VPN providers in such a case. PURE VPN provides you effective tools to fulfill this purpose. We highly encourage our readers to use them, so they can get the best service ever. Any of the above does not mean, that your VPN will work, at a maximum speed. That is not practically possible, since your VPN has to encrypt every packet of data that passes through it! The activities above will make sure, that your VPN is neat, and provides you with a decent speed. One of the most important things is to keep your VPN connection updated. At PURE VPN, we make sure that our support team is always available to entertain you and provide you with free consultancy regarding your VPN connection. So help us know how we can be at your best service, by telling us your experiences in dealing with slow VPN.

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