PureVPN Football World Cup Giveaway!

PureVPN never has a shortage of excitement, and this time around, we plan to delight football fans regardless of where they are. If they want to watch football online or play football with the match ball.

With the start of Football World Cup 2018, PureVPN has already optimized its sports streaming servers and has launched state-of-the-art Ozone and Gravity features to help football fanatics going to Russia remain secure and protected on public wi-fi hotspots, while living their football dream.

But wait! We are going one step further by launching a Football World Cup Giveaway. You can win Adidas Telstar 2018 by predicting the winners of quarterfinals, semifinals and final matches. Besides predicting the correct winners, you also require to score points by performing some easy activities to increase your chances of winning. The participants with most correct predictions and highest points will win the esteemed balls.

The competition ended.


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Have Your Say!!

  1. Mehdi Teh says:

    My Favorite Team is: Germany

  2. Kuber karki says:

    France will win this world cup,2018

  3. Punam kushmi says:

    I love worldcup

  4. Dorji wangdi says:

    I am football lover and FIFA World Cup 2018 Supporting to France Team. Good luck.

  5. Anish says:


  6. Mohan shrestha says:


  7. Sujan pokhrel says:

    My team is

  8. Jack Styner says:


  9. Amadou says:

    France will win

  10. ernest ens says:

    quarter finals winners…france/belgium/russia/england
    semi final winner……….belgium/england
    final winner……………….belgium

  11. Kawsar Ahmed says:


  12. dilip says:

    good france

  13. Rotesh says:

    France world cup winner 2018

  14. Tashi Norbu says:

    Brazil will win 2018 world cup

  15. ALISH THAPA says:

    In first I was the team of Argentina but now I am team of belgium

  16. Dewas thapa says:

    Favorite team is england

  17. sabbir says:

    England win

  18. Mahesh says:


  19. Kiran Lohiya says:

    France will win.

  20. Samuel says:

    France will win this world cup,2018

  21. Isaiah says:

    Belgium will win the World Cup

  22. Kumar Shanu says:

    I really love world cup 2018 matches
    Never missed a single match so far

  23. Kumar Shanu says:

    I love France to win

  24. diksha tamang says:


  25. diksha tamang says:


  26. chingri says:

    I’ll Go France



  28. Vera Bahounkova says:

    France world cup winner 2018

  29. Larissa says:

    PureVpn is Top

  30. adil aadil says:

    thank you

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