Fujitsu March Cyberattack Exposed Sensitive Customer Data 

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PUREVPNNewsFujitsu March Cyberattack Exposed Sensitive Customer Data 

Fujitsu has confirmed that information related to certain individuals and customers was compromised during a data breach detected earlier this year. The company reported that the attack did not use ransomware, but used a complex method to avoid detection while extracting sensitive information. 

“This malware is not ransomware but employs sophisticated techniques to disguise itself, making detection difficult. It was determined to be a highly advanced attack,” said Fujitsu in a statement. Find out more about the Fujitsu cyberattack below!

The Breach Explained

In March, signs of malware were detected in Fujitsu’s systems, raising concerns about the exposure of sensitive customer information. The company took immediate action, isolating affected computers and engaging cybersecurity experts to assess the damage. 

The investigation revealed that the malware, initially infecting one computer, had spread to 49 others within the network. Fujitsu stated, “After malware was placed on one of our business computers, it was observed spreading to other business computers.” 

Impact and Response

The malware executed commands that duplicated files, which included personal and business-related information of customers. Fujitsu clarified, “Commands to copy files were executed due to the behavior of the malware.” 

Fortunately, there have been no reports of the stolen data being misused as of yet. In response, Fujitsu has updated monitoring rules and enhanced malware detection capabilities across all business computers to prevent future incidents.

Fujitsu has individually notified affected customers and extended its sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by this incident. The company also committed to improving its information security measures.


Anas Hasan


July 10, 2024


3 days ago

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