Game of Thrones season 8 overview

Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4 “The Last Of The Starks” Overview

Oye mates! How are y’all? My name is Aden the smuggler. And as you may have guessed from my name, I work as a smuggler. My mother left me without giving me a proper name. The smuggler who raised me said that she was a poor woman who already had many mouths to feed.

But enough about my past now. Because today, I’ve come with juicy gossip from a place far and away. I noticed some lads taking deep interest in what’s happening in Westeros. I was in Winterfell the other day, where they talked of the Whitewalkers coming to attack them. Here are some logs that mention what is currently happening in Westeros!

Log 4: “The Last Of The Starks”

After a long voyage, me and my crew finally made it to Westeros. After docking at White Harbor, we made our way to Winterfell. Word was that the celebrations were still ongoing at Winterfell. The Dragon Queen and all her allies were still there. But by the time we reached Winterfell, the entire Army of the Living was gone to fight Cersei in King’s Landing.

The sentry at the gate was an old companion of mine, so he didn’t mind telling me tales from inside the castle. He told me that Gendry, the bastard boy of Robert Baratheon, was now officially the Lord of Storm’s End by the command of the Dragon Queen. He also told me that Gendry proposed to Arya Stark afterwards, but she refused his offer by saying that she doesn’t want to be a Lady.

She was later seen leaving Winterfell at dawn. Both she and the Hound were seen together seated on horsebacks and leaving for Lord knows where.

Meanwhile, Jon revealed the truth about his identity to his sisters. Though, he made them swear, Sansa didn’t keep her word and told others. And now, the whole castle knows that Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen. And he is heir to the Iron Throne.

After listening to all the crap, I decided to leave Winterfell and visit Gulltown, where I’d left my wife. When I reached her, I saw that she had already remarried. That made me furious, and I decided to beat the pulp out of her new husband. Upon knocking at her door, her husband opened it. He probably weighed over 15 stones, all of it muscle. Apparently, he was a warrior who had just come back after beating the Whitewalkers. My anger turned into an embarrassed smile and I left the place after congratulating him for a fine victory.

I decided to go as South as South went. While passing through King’s Landing, I saw Daenerys laying siege to the city with a very small Army and just one Dragon. A passerby told me that her fleet was destroyed by Euron Greyjoy. He killed her dragon Rhaegal as well, and took Missandei his prisoner. While I was watching the dialogue happening from afar, I saw the Mountain behead Missandei in front of the Dragon Queen and her army.

Log 3: “The Long Night”

It was a fine evening when we were dining at the inn. The whole place was crowded. Some were chatting, others were barking orders at the couple who managed the place. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man enter. He was different from the rest cause he had one arm missing. And he was leaning on a stick with the other.

The dwarf sitting next to me gave up his place so he could sit. As he sat, we saw horrible marks on his arm, as if he was horribly bitten.

“How’d you get these marks on your arm?” Someone enquired.

“I was bitten by the wights.” He answered.

At that, everyone started laughing.

“He probably got bitten by a bitch.” Someone shouted. And more people joined in on the laughing.

At that, the guy got up and took off his shirt. His entire body was full of scars and horrible markings, all made from human teeth. He wasn’t lying after all. Upon further inquiry, he revealed that he’s from the North and he fought in the Battle of Winterfell against the Wights.

The whole inn got quiet. Everyone was anxious to hear his story. He got the hint and he started telling a tale that got our hairs standing up. Here it goes:

“We were in ranks, waiting for the Walkers to approach Winterfell. We saw a horse coming from afar towards us. It wasn’t dead because it was breathing. Puffs of white air blew out from its mouth and off that of its rider. It was Melisandre who was riding the horse, the witch who had revived Jon Snow.

“She spoke to Ser Jorah and whispered something while touching a Dothraki sword. Suddenly, all the Dothraki swords lit up, and a cry of surprise and joy rose from the Dothrakis. In their excitement, the Dothraki herd rode towards the Whitewalkers. What followed afterward was unbelievable. The sword fire that looked so mesmerizing from afar suddenly blew out as if extinguished by some wild storm. We saw Ser Jorah retreating back and his face told of the horror he had just seen. The Dothraki army was gone in an instant!

“In our horror, we probably didn’t notice Lord Snow and the Dragon Queen riding in the direction of the Whitewalkers. Apparently, they got hit by a storm afterward and we lost all sight of them. We did catch sight of the Dead though, and it was a horrible one. Lady Brienne, or Ser as she is now referred to, gave the order to attack and we did. But it didn’t work though. Soon, we were the ones getting attacked.

“After suffering terrible injuries, Lady Brienne gave the order to retreat back to the castle. Greyworm raised the trenches and the plan was to light them up. Problem was, we couldn’t reach Daenerys who was supposed to torch the trenches. Thankfully, Melisandre was there to use her magic spells and the trenches started burning.

“As relieving as it felt seeing the dead stop in front of the trenches, it was only for an instant. The dead easily managed to cross the barriers. They were so many, that they climbed on top of each other and bypassed the castle walls. The fighting continued long into the night. Meanwhile, Lord Snow and the Dragon Queen fought the Night King and his dragon and even managed to kill his ride. With the Night King down, the Dragon Queen attacked him with Dragon Fire. As the fire died, the Night King was still standing with a creepy smile on his face.

“Soon, the Night King pulled his arms, and all those who had just died started rising again. With everyone trapped against the renewed Army of the Dead, the Night King entered the Godswood to finish his mission and kill Bran. Theon died first. And just when the Night King was about to kill Bran, Arya jumped out of nowhere. The Night King grabbed her by the neck, but she pulled a move and stabbed him in the chest using the Valryian steel Catspaw dagger that Bran had given to her.

bran gives catspaw dagger to arya

“Instantly, the dead started falling like twigs. The Army of the living had finally won and the dead had perished alongside the Night King. Despite having my arm bitten off, I’d never felt more relief in my entire life.

“When the dead were counted, we saw bodies of Beric Dondarrion and Dolorous Edd. Lyannah Mormont was also dead, and a soldier vouched that he saw her killing a wight giant before she died. We found the Dragon Queen mourning over Jorah Mormont’s body. He had defended his queen to his last breath. The Hound and Beric Dondarrion were the ones who saved Arya in the castle. Beric sacrificed his life for her. Poor guy had finally earned his rest.

“Afterwards, I was standing with the Onion Knight when I saw Melisandre taking off her necklace outside the castle. She turned into an ugly old woman and died outside the castle walls. That was the moment that creeped me out the most. I left the castle as soon as the maester was done tending to my wounds. You will never ever see me in Westeros again!”

When he concluded his story, a cry went up and we all started running towards our ships. With the dead now gone, we could finally go back to our homes in Westeros. It’s about time I see my wife again. Not sure though if she’s alive or dead, though…

Log 2: “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

A ship came from Westeros today and I met its crew at the inn. The ale was good but the gossip they shared was better. Between drinks, the oar master revealed that the King Slayer was presented to the Queen in front of her council.

The Queen wanted the King Slayer burned for slaying her father, but Tyrion and Brienne came to his defense. Jon also wanted to keep the King Slayer alive so he could use whatever fingers he had left to fight the Army of the Dead. Maybe he forgot that he slew his grandfather, but never mind…

The Oar Master revealed that the Kingslayer visited the Godswood afterwards where he met Bran. He apologized for some “pushing” he did in the past and Bran said that he’s okay with it. Nobody has any idea what they were discussing but it was a secret that could’ve gotten the King Slayer killed, according to Bran.

Afterwards, the King Slayer was seen knighting Brienne of Tarth. She’s probably the first lady to be called Ser. Weird as it might be, it made no matter to her cause she had the biggest smile in all of the Seven Kingdoms on her face.

Someone else had a big smile on his face too. Gendry, the bastard boy of Robert Baratheon, was found teaching some new skills to the girl, Arya Stark of Winterfell. His visit to Winterfell is definitely going better than he planned.

Jon’s Direwolf was finally spotted. He’s a giant white beast who would be of good help against the Whitewalkers, or the Dragon Queen for the matter. She had a tough night, our Dragon Queen. First, she had to listen to Sansa blabbering on that the North should be made independent.

Afterwards, she was confronted with the truth about Jon’s identity. He’s not just some handsome bastard after all. He is actually her nephew and the son of her older brother Rhaegar Targaryen. Instead of getting creeped out, she worried about her claim to the throne instead. And Jon couldn’t answer her question, because after all, the lad knows nothing.

In the meantime, the crew heard the horn blow thrice. Everyone started running. The climate had suddenly gotten colder. And someone claimed to have seen a giant spider running towards the castle.

So the crew ran as fast as it could away from Winterfell and into their boats. With Winterfell in danger, the only safe abode is across the narrow sea and away from the Seven Hells they call Westeros.

Log 1: “Winterfell”

The Northerners, as they like to call themselves, have a bit of wildness inside them. And from what I’ve heard, they’re all angry because their King gave up his crown for the Dragon Queen. She is a beauty, there is no mistaking that. I saw her arrive myself.

And I saw her dragons too. Almost fainted when the big one roared as he flew over us. There is talk that the same dragon burned thousands of Lannisters not so long ago. It may be a sight to watch, but I would want no part in it. I may not be as popular as the Onion Knight, but I’m just as humble.

I wanted to see the white direwolf they call Ghost, but he’s nowhere to be seen. The last anyone saw him was back at the wall. Now that the wall is broken, no one can guess where he is hiding.

I met a man yesterday who told me strange happenings from Winterfell.

“Jon Snow had to answer tough questions from the Lords and Ladies of the North,” he said.

They let him know that they’re angry that he gave up his crown. Lady Mormont even confronted him by saying “You left Winterfell a king and came back … I’m not sure what you are now. A lord? Nothing at all?”

The lad is happy though. I saw him riding a Dragon alongside the Dragon Queen. They kept flying until they disappeared from our view and only came back hours later. Lord knows what they were doing..

He also told me about the reunions that happened inside Winterfell. Jon finally met his brother Bran. They say that it was an awkward meeting. He also met the girl, Arya, who showed him her sword.

Have you used it yet, Jon wondered. “Once or twice,” she said. But from what I’ve heard, she’s used it a dozen times at least when she had the Hound as her companion.

Talking about reunions, Arya met the smith, Gendry, and the meeting was warm and pleasant. The guy who was in the room told me that she gave Gendry a sketch of a weapon made from Dragonglass that she plans on using against the Whitewalkers. The sketch looked like a spear to him, but you never know until it is properly made.

Now what I am about to tell you must remain a secret. Because if the Dragon Queen hears about this, I’d definitely be beheaded, or maybe burned by her Dragons!

A child was playing inside the crypts of Winterfell before Jon Snow arrived. Children, or anyone else for the matter, aren’t allowed in the crypts, so the child hid behind one of the statues of some great Lord of Winterfell. And he heard things that seem unbelievable to the ears.

Samwell Tarly arrived in the crypts, and he told Jon Snow that the Dragon Queen had burned his father and brother. He also told him something else. He told Jon that he was the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. “You gave up your crown to save your people — would she do the same?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Jaime Lannister was seen arriving at the castle. He looked satisfied and happy, but I’ve heard people say that he was horrified when he saw Bran sitting on his chair and staring directly at him. Lord knows why he’s so scared…

My name is Aden the smuggler. And as you may have guessed from my name, I work as a smuggler. My mother left me without giving me a proper name. The smuggler who raised me said that she was a poor woman who already had many mouths to feed. I have a story to tell from Westeros.

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    The first two episodes were filled with reunions, excessive drinking, sexual desires, and bad direction. I mean did the directors didn’t even think that they are replicating a scene from “How to Train Your Dragon” while showing Jon riding a dragon. What a disappointment. I hope the next episodes will be better as the war is about to happen.

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