Google To Clean Android Malware Mess

It seems like something out of a horror movie. Despite the brand power and the experience under its belt, Google is suffering with Malware Woes. Attackers are getting feisty and they are leaving no stone unturned to make their presence felt in the web world. It seems Malware is here to stay! It is here to stay as companies like Google are not acting prudent. No proper security updates are provided in the timely manner hence users have open looped applications installed on their androids that is like carrying a bag full of gold coins in the pirate world! This is no fantasy, the threat is real and Google should measure up.

Android, which is based on Linux, has not only the Linux operating system’s higher than usual resistance to attack; it also has the advantage of running applications in a Java-like virtual machine (VM), Dalvik. What all that means is that malware should actually have a great deal of trouble running on any Android device, and even if it does get on one, it should be locked in the VM where it can’t harm any other applications.  How is it being done? Malware initiators take an existing application, add-in malware, and then relist the application for free. All malware authors need do is sign-up to Google’s developer program, which can be achieved using fraudulent details, and then hand over just $25 to publish their work. Google performs no checks on apps before they’re released, unlike Apple, which checks every single app offered for download in its iOS App Store. So the unsuspecting user downloads the application thinking that as its Google it is safe, and in the end gets frustrated when the malware starts working. Big brand being dragged through mud, due to carelessness. Google Response?

  • Google is going to invoke a special ‘remote kill’ function that allows it to remove these malicious applications from any affected Android devices with no action required from the user.
  • Google will also be issuing a fully automated Android Market security update to infected devices that should remove the rootkit (again, no user action will be required). All affected users will be receiving email notifications about the situation as well.
  • Google, unfortunately can’t automatically patch the security hole that made the exploit possible in the first place. That’s because the hole exists on the system level, so it requires a system upgrade to resolve — and it’s up to the carriers and hardware manufacturers to deploy the fix. Google is issuing a patch and informing its partners that it is urgent, but who knows how long it will take the carriers to push it to users. Steps too late? That is something Android users will answer the best . Adopt better judgment and work behind a secure environment, like the VPN that will protect you from such attacks. Buy VPN that safeguards your privacy and at the same time allows you to work from anywhere.

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