Hacker Breaks into Child’s Room By Hacking Baby Monitor

A very unusual incident has been reported recently that proves anything that is connected to the internet can be hacked easily.

A Texas family has been victimized of cyber hacking in a very unique manner. As reported, on the 10th of August 2013, Marc and Lauren Gilbert were terrified when they heard a strange voice coming from their 2-years-old daughter’s room.

According to the ABC News, at 10.00 PM when Gilbert was washing the dishes, he heard a strange voice coming directly from his daughter’s room. He and his wife went to the room and found out, an adult man voice coming from the baby monitor, calling her name “Allyson” and abusing the child with sexually explicit things to wake her up.

Gilbert panicked and pulled off the plug of the baby monitor which was connected with the home’s wireless internet system. The baby monitor, consisting of a speaker and a camera was set in the baby’s room which is on the upper story of the house to keep an eye on her.

How Did This Happen?

The hacker hacking baby monitor used the home’s wireless network, decoded it and got control of the baby’s monitor. Through this he got access to both the camera and speaker system.

Dave Chronister an ethical hacker working with a security firm, is familiar to these types of Hackings. He did not speak to Gilbert’s family but according to him, hacking into these webcams is similar to breaking the code of a website. If such devices are not protected with strong passwords then they can be easily hacked.

Marc and Lauren Gilbert didn’t report the incident to the local police and got rid of the device permanently.

The Question Here is Whether Gilbert Did The Right Thing?

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