Here are the 4 travel essentials you need for your next trip – all in one place

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PUREVPNHere are the 4 travel essentials you need for your next trip – all in one place

Imagine relaxing on a beach, sipping a piña colada, and sharing your sunkissed photos on your social media feed. The view is gorgeous, the WiFi is free, and life is good. However, while you’re busy soaking up the sun and enjoying your well-deserved break, you could be one click away from exposing your sensitive data to cybercriminals prowling the public networks for unsuspecting victims. 

Since cybersecurity threats can follow you wherever you go, it is important to safeguard your digital footprint even when you’re on your dream vacation. In this blog post, we will discuss some common risks you may face during your travels and share tips on how you can protect your online privacy while still enjoying your trip to the fullest. 

What are the most common digital security risks for travelers?

A 2019 research study found 70% of its respondents engaging in behaviors that could potentially risk their digital security while traveling. It was an alarming figure that pointed to the growing need for cybersecurity awareness among vacation-goers. 

In today’s digital world, we bank on technology to book airline tickets, make hotel reservations, find the best restaurants, and stay connected to our loved ones while traveling. This leaves us vulnerable to a myriad of online security risks. 

Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Unsecure WiFi networks: Owing to convenience and cost efficiency, it is always tempting to connect to public WiFi networks while traveling. However, doing so is never a good idea as it jeopardizes your online safety by leaving you vulnerable to an array of threats.

2. Physical thefts: There is probably nothing worse than losing your smartphone or laptop to a criminal while you’re away from home. These devices generally contain a lot of important data, including financial information, personal photographs, confidential documents, and more.  

3. Malware and phishing scams: Scammers can use fake flight confirmation and hotel booking emails to trick unsuspecting travelers into downloading malware or sharing their sensitive data. Such scams can also lead to identity theft. 

4. Shoulder surfing: Travelers can accidentally reveal their mobile banking details and passwords by typing them into their devices without hiding the screen. Shoulder surfing is a significant threat to your online privacy as it allows criminals to obtain your sensitive data simply by looking at your phone or laptop.

Four travel essentials to safeguard your digital footprint

It’s crucial to have the right tools to protect your digital footprint while traveling. Our newly launched PureMax bundle offers the perfect solution to this problem by offering access to our four top products: PureVPN, PurePrivacy, PureEncrypt, and PureKeep.

Let’s look at how this package can help protect your online security as a traveler. 

1. Use a VPN: A virtual private network, such as PureVPN, not only hides your IP address, but it also encrypts your data and shields your online activity from prying eyes. Whether you are using your mobile data or public WiFi, using a VPN is highly recommended as it would prevent others from intercepting your information. 

2. Unique passwords: Multi-factor authentication provides your device with an additional layer of online security. Moreover, it is recommended to use a unique password for each of your accounts to lower the threat to your digital security. Opting for a password manager such as PureKeep could also be a great idea to prevent this from happening.

3. Backup your data: Accidents happen all the time. However, you can prepare yourself for the worst by backing up all your data on a secure cloud service. It is better to use an encryption service, like PureEncrypt, to ensure your private memories remain private.  

4. Check your privacy settings: We all love sharing our travel snaps with our friends and family, but it is essential to check your online privacy settings before doing so. You may want to monitor your social media accounts with the help of PurePrivacy and keep an eye out for any unusual activity when you are on your trip. 

Final note 

Summer vacations present the perfect opportunity to disconnect and unwind, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down and endanger your digital footprint. Fortunately, PureMax, our all-inclusive bundle plan, can help you stay safe online with its holistic approach to privacy and security. It also offers four months of free subscription to further enhance your digital experience.

Now 4x more secure, this exclusive deal is available at a discounted price, making it a great option for travelers seeking complete peace of mind without putting a strain on their wallets. For more information about our bundle deals, please click the link here.




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