High-Tech Internet Connected Toys That Spy!

There’s hardly anyone who is not excited about Christmas and the holidays that are just around the corner. Christmas is usually about kids, since they are the most excited ones with their expectations for different amazing toys. This is the reason why many manufacturers launch their best toys and other products to entertain kids just before the holidays.

These days, Mattel’s new Hello Barbie is attracting many kids, as it claims to be "just like a real friend" to them. Hello Barbie is an interactive doll that uses voice-recognition software to "listen" to people speak and then “speaks” with a personalized response. The response is acquired by sending the recorded audio over the web to be analyzed and processed.

It is one of the most popular internet connected tech-toys that could easily be used to spy on what children say or do, which is a grave privacy concern. This doll records messages by kids and then sends it over the web to acquire a personalized response. This gives hackers a great chance to eavesdrop on children’s activities.

It is undoubtedly a huge privacy and security threat as kids are turning their attention more towards high-tech toys like Smartphone-controlled drones and tanks, or Bluetooth-enabled Lego, VTech's tablet computer for kids, and of course the Hello Barbie. Recently, the news about a data breach on VTech’s database intensifies the severity of this threat.

It has also been reported by cyber security experts that Hello Barbie has asked them about very personal question like “what is your favorite color?” and “who else lives with you?” These type of personalized questions and responses from the children to be sent over the web seems really dangerous as any hacker can easily track back even to the home address of children and adults by getting their hands on this sensitive information.

Hopefully, cyber security experts will come up with a safer way to safeguard children’s privacy, since these high-tech internet connected toys are a direct threat to privacy. But till then, we can only suggest that if you are thinking about getting your kids one of these high-tech toys or planning to get one of these Hello Barbie dolls for your daughter on Christmas, think twice.

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