With Wrestle 30 just few weeks away, wrestling’s greatest season is in full swing as long-time and die-hard fans of Wrestling make guesses about ‘Who will win the title’. There are tons of rumors and Wrestle 30 predictions are making rounds now days. But let’s see what time reveals in the end.

Rumors & Predictions Of Wrestle 30 Matches

6th of April is expected to turn out to be a pivotal night for some of wrestling world’s superstars. Let’s look at some predictions of Wrestle 30 Matches and see what people think:


Daniel Bryan VS Triple H

This match is being seen as an adjustment match for the ‘Bad Decision’ made in appointing Batista in the main event of ‘Heavy Weight Championship’.

Match History:

On the 17th of March 2014, at San Antonio, Daniel Bryan has occupied ‘RAW’ until he gets what he wants: a fight with Triple H at Wrestle XXX – with the condition that if he wins, he will get the spot at the main event of ‘Heavy Weight Championship’ with Randy Orton and Batista. Interestingly, it is reported that Bryan’s Wrestling plan has been settled because of CM Punk’s departure from Wrestling.

Mania 30 Match Prediction:

It has been presumed by many Wrestle fans that Daniel Bryan is going to be part of two main events at the night of Wrestle 30. It has also been officially announced that the ‘Heavy Weight Championship’ will be a triple thread match.

Even though it looks like it has already been settled, the results of both matches are pretty certain. Triple H has to hit harder to make the match more interesting. Without any doubt, Daniel Bryan has major chances to win the battle and the championship.

John Cena VS Bray Wyatt

It’s a payback time for John Cena. The rumors of this feud have been roaming around for quite a few weeks now and it went official on Raw after Wyatt accepted the challenge lay down by Cena.  

Match History:

This match was prefigured at the Royal Rumble when Bray Wyatt’s family obstructed Cena. The match followed Cena’s World Heavy Championship and Orton’s Championship merging together to lead to one true deadly match. Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper interfered in the Elimination Chamber and as a great fan of John Cena, it’s painful but true that Cena not only lost the match but also suffered a leg injury and what not.

Mania 30 Match Prediction:

The fight between Bray Wyatt and John Cena is very unpredictable. Instead of being victorious at the Royal Rumble fight, Bray Wyatt showed that he is still not at the level of John Cena. Honestly speaking, as a fan of John Cena, this fight sounds like a Bull-S*** match to me.

Come on crazy lovers of Wrestle, is Bray Wyatt worthy of this spot in the main PPV? I bet this is going to be an epic battle! Some predict that Bray will win the match, but to me, it sounds like much more than that will happen in the ring.

The Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar

We still have no idea why this match is going on, but it will take place and has been officially announced. The match will be the main highlight of the Wrestle 30 night. This match makes all the other matches seem like crap to me.

Match History:

Lesnar looks really strong as he goes into battle with the Undertaker; but who will come out on top? Paul Heyman said during the promo in Chicago about the match:

“I am sending Lesnar to break the streak because CM Punk's downfall started after losing to the Undertaker at Mania 29”

Wrestle 30 Match Prediction:

According to the predictions of wrestlemania 30 matches, there is no doubt in it that the Undertaker, the all time Champion, has the brightest prospects to win the fight.

Randy Orton VS Batista

The Heavy Weight Championship at Wrestle is the main highlight event. This year it is going to be a triple threat. But, what a mess it is? Organisation made a huge mistake setting up Batista against Randy Orton. Then they stipulated the main title battle with ‘Daniel Bryan and Triple H’ battle in order to salvage the near disaster.

Match History:

Orton is the World Heavyweight Champion and Batista after returning from a four year exile. Since winning the Royal Rumble, Batista has been treated like a heel by the crowd, with strongly negative reaction coming in from fans everywhere.

People are expecting that Bryan will get into this match, and win the title rather than forcing Batista to win a solo match against Orton in the main event. Many people believe that it will not be a fantastic match, but it has a chance to be good, and I hope that we might be wrong and this match ends up becoming a classic.

Wrestle 30 Match Prediction:

First, it is presumed that Daniel Bryan will defeat Triple H and be the part of the main event at the Wrestle. Secondly, it is also predicted that Daniel Bryan will go on to win the battle and the Championship.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

On Monday night, Hulk Hogan has announced a 30 Wrestler Over-the-Rope Memorial Royal Battle in the memory of all time legend ‘Andre the Giant’. This is going to be the first ever Royal Battle in the history of Wrestling.

Match History:

This is the first time ever in the history that a memorial battle is going to be placed in the card. 30 superstars will be featured in this event. Essentially, the purpose of this match is to throw as many superstars in the Wrestle XXX ring as possible. 30 men are going to contend in an over-the-top-rope Battle Royale with the winner receiving the ‘Andre the Giant’ memorial trophy.

So far, 12 entrants have been confirmed, but many spots are yet to be filled.

Wrestle 30 Match Prediction:

Several predictions of Wrestle 30 Matches are roaming around in this area, but most people are assuming that ‘Big Show’ will win the fight.

At the end of this discussion the question still stands:

Tell Us Who Are You Hoping To Win?

Do let us know your uncut comments in the comment section and take part in the biggest event of the year. One more thing, don't forget to see Main Wrestling Event 30 matches live online on Wrestling Nework.


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