Home Security Camera Systems Threats and Solutions

Home security cameras are ideal for keeping an eye on your children, elderly, pets, and domestic help or for general security. However, these very cameras can go against you and put your privacy under huge threat as we saw during the 73,000 hacked cameras incident, the NSA nude photo incident, and the baby monitor hacking incident.

While spying on adults was in itself condemnable, but spying on innocent children is simply UNACCEPTABLE!


Essential Security Measures

So, what should you do if you have home security cameras or planning to get one? Well, keep on reading to find out!

Get Rid of that Default Password

According to what our research, having a default password for a security camera is the primary reason why most cams are so easily hacked. It is very important to choose strong passwords that combine alpha-numeric characters, bold caps, numbers, etc.

Learn how to make a strong password

Secure Your Wireless Connection

In essence, a strong password for your home security camera system might be of no use if your WiFi password is too easy or your WiFi traffic is unencrypted. That is why it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to keep running a VPN on top of your WiFi internet.

A VPN first encrypts all data moving across your WiFi router and then sends it over the internet using secure tunnels. VPNs are absolute nightmares for hackers!

To learn how PureVPN protects its users’ privacy and security, watch this video.

Get a Dedicated IP VPN for Ultimate Security

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t settle for anything less than the best then you should get a dedicated IP. Usually, your IP address (a code by which your device is identified on the internet) changes every time you connect to the internet; a dedicated IP remains the same no matter what.

As a result, you can setup your home security camera system to work ONLY with this dedicated IP and block everyone else. The best part is that you can use this Dedicated IP while travelling within the country or outside it. It will work just as well.

Learn more about Dedicated IP VPN

Protect Your Family & Loved Ones!

Do remember that a hacker who gains access to your home security camera system can monitor the live feed and record it with ease. Having the live stream of your home or office will give the hacker a front row seat…to your life!

So be wise and take all the precautionary measures given above. Stay safe!

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