How to Block Apps on Iphone

How to block apps tracking on iPhone

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How To GuidesHow to block apps tracking on iPhone

Last year, iOS 14.5 introduced a number of new features, such as hundreds of new emojis and the ability to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask. However, one of the biggest improvements for privacy-conscious iOS users is the App Tracking Transparency functionality. 

What it does is stop apps from having access to your data, which can be shared with other apps and third parties to show you relevant ads. Once you update to iOS 14.5, you’ll receive a request for permission to track you every time you install a new app.

The new setting is on by default, but you can adjust it according to your needs. Learn how you can use the ATT feature and disable it when needed below:

How to use Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature:

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings and tap Privacy.
  • Tap Tracking.
  • Toggle on the Allow Apps to Request to Track option.
  • You”ll now see a list of apps that have already asked permission and whether or not you have granted it. Switch tracking on or off by tapping the slider next to them.

With this feature enabled, each new app you install will be required to seek permission for tracking you across websites and apps. As such, you’re going to receive a notification and be asked to choose between “Ask App Not To Track” or “Allow” whenever you download a new app.

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How to block apps tracking on iOS:

Don’t want to see any requests from apps that want to track you? Here’s how you can put an end to them:

  • Go to Settings and tap Privacy.
  • Tap Tracking.
  • This time, toggle off the Allow Apps to Request to Track option.

You’ll no longer receive an alert that an app wants to track you and have to act on it. Instead, the app will simply be informed that it doesn’t have permission to track you.

Should you stop apps from tracking you?

The new default setting means that apps have to get your permission before tracking you across websites and apps owned by other companies for data sharing or advertising purposes.

If you let your data be gathered and your activity be tracked, these details aren’t only used by the app. They may also be shared with third parties and combined with other pieces of information collected about you to create a detailed picture of you that can be used to serve you targeted ads.

Some companies such as Facebook aren’t too happy about the App Tracking Transparency feature because they believe it will harm the advertising sector. It might also make it more difficult for certain small businesses to offer their products to customers, particularly if they are targeting a niche audience.

Of course, it’s possible that you wouldn’t mind ads that are relevant to you rather than seeing many ads that are of no interest to you.

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How ad tracking works and is it useful for you?

Assume you’re looking for the Samsung Galaxy S22 on a shopping website or app. If you grant your consent, this app may store a shareable or cookie on your iPhone that other partner ad networks can use. 

The ad network would know that you are interested in the Galaxy S22, courtesy of the shopping app (and the cookie). As a result, you’ll come across ads for the Samsung Galaxy S22 when you visit any other website or app that uses this partnered ad network.

Privacy is everyone’s fundamental right. Companies used to have a free hand earlier but now have to ask for your permission if they want your valuable information like device ID and email for ads.

That said, not all targeted ads are bad. Sometimes you can be shown ads that are actually useful for you. In the end, it all comes down to your preferences. If you don’t mind relevant ads, you can choose to allow apps to cross-track you.

Wrapping things up:

Got any questions about how to block apps tracking on iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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